Michelle Lindemann Jensen Bio Thomas Delaney Wife

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Michelle Lindemann Jensen

Michelle Lindemann Jensen is a social worker and the wife of Denmark football star Thomas Delaney.

She is a successful woman doing so much for herself and her family, and she plays a massive role in decisions.

Her rise to the limelight is something she got when she started dating her husband, who is a football star for the Sevilla football club in Spain.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen Biography

Michelle Lindemann Jensen

She was born in 1991 in Denmark, and we don’t know much about the actual date of birth today.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen is 31 years old as of 2022, but we couldn’t confirm the actual date of her birth in which we don’t know if she is already a year older or not.

She comes from a family with many football names coming to the Denmark national team and Europe.

She isn’t someone who shares so much with the public; as of today, we couldn’t get so much concerning her personal life when growing up.

We were able to get some vital information out concerning some part of her life that she couldn’t keep private.

She enjoyed her time when she was still little, growing up under her parents and other family members.

Her father’s name is Henrik Jensen; he is a retired football player who had a fantastic career when he was still active playing.

Her mother’s name is Eliza Lindermann Jensen; she is a bank manager who works with Danske Bank, where she has been for many decades since 1979.

We couldn’t gather complete information concerning all the siblings Michelle does have as she hasn’t revealed so much to the public about herself.

Her only known brother is Mike Jensen, a football player for the Rosenborg football club in Norway.

Their family is one with many people who once had a football career, while the younger generation is still active as footballers.

She is blessed to come from such a family who has a shared love for the game of football.

Thomas Delaney Wife

Thomas Delaney Wife

Michelle Lindemann Jensen is the wife of Denmark International professional football player Thomas Delaney.

Their relationship started long ago when they were still younger and going to the same school in their hometown.

They are well connected, knowing how long they have spent together getting to know and understand themselves.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for Michelle Lindemann Jensen and Thomas Delaney; both faced a lot but were to make it through.

They met during high school when they were both younger and likely in their teenage years, which could be around 16 or something.

We don’t have much information on how it started, or maybe they were just friends or two people who talk once in a while in school.

Their relationship continued to grow from that time in high school until they graduated and moved on to University.

We don’t have information on the school’s name in which both Michelle and Thomas did get to meet each other at first.

There is also no said year or time when the relationship started between the couple who had things going from a younger age.

Their relationship grew from strength to strength until they decided to take the next step of making things official as husband and wife.

Michelle and Thomas married on the 27th of December 2020 in a wedding ceremony filled with many faces.

Their families and friends were present at the occasion to witness the couple walking down the aisle while exchanging vows.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen and Thomas Delaney are both happy in their marriage as they work well together, building a family of their own.

Michelle Education

Michelle Education

Michelle Lindemann Jensen did her academic life in Denmark, where she spent her livelihood.

She had a fantastic time getting educated as her parents could afford one of the best schools for her, which helped so much.

Her parents were healthy discipline when it came to her and her siblings, knowing it was easy for them to be distracted by their wealth.

Being educated was one of the big deals Michelle’s parents made compulsory for all their children while they were still younger.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen did attend a primary school that wasn’t far from where they lived in Denmark.

She had her parents active in their daughter’s life with them, doing so much and also monitoring her development with studies.

She graduated from her primary into high school, where she had the opportunity of being a bit free from parents who gave her some little freedom.

We don’t know the names of the schools she attended, as Michelle has yet to discuss that.

She later continued to further her education in a higher institution where she attended a prestigious University, which is to be one in Denmark.

She studied a business course before graduating with a degree that works so well for her today in her career.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen Children

Michelle Lindemann Jensen Children

Michelle Lindemann Jensen is a mother of one adorable daughter with her husband, Thomas Delaney, who is the father of their child.

Her child is a massive part of their family as she and her husband are so happy to have a kid of their own.

So far, the couple only has one child, their daughter.

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Her daughter’s name is unknown as both parents want to ensure their child is well protected.

She was born in February 2021, just a one-year-old baby who recently marked her first birthday, which her parents celebrated with her.

On their daughter’s delivery day, Thomas Delaney was present as he took time out from duties to be there for his wife.

The couple took to social media to announce the birth of their daughter, which they were so proud to be called parents.

Michelle Lindemann Jensen is doing so well for herself and her family.

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