Thai Coliri Bio Yuri Alberto Girlfriend

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Thai Coliri

Thai Coliri is an Instagram star and girlfriend of Zenith Saint Petersburg striker Yuri Alberto.

She is a hard-working lady working towards making something good for herself in the future.

Her popularity hit an all-time high since her relationship with her football boyfriend was made official via social media.

Thai Coliri Biography

Thai Coliri

She was born on May 9, 2001, in an unknown location in South America, Brazil.

Thai Coliri is 21 years old; her birthday in 2022 is past last month, an eventful day with family and friends.

She is known to be a patient and organized lady, probably because of her birth sign which is Taurus.

She was born and raised in Brazil, which means she is Brazilian by nationality, just like Yuri.

She started dating Yuri in 2019 and got engaged in 2020; Thai and Yuri already have a child together.

However, there is no information about her family or to know if she has other siblings as she happens to be a very secretive person.

Her community impacted so much in her growing up, which is something seen in her as the woman she is of today.

There is no information available concerning Thai’s parents’ names as that aspect of her life is a private matter.

Despite how many investigations, nothing came out positive identifying the actual names of Thai parents.

We can’t also confirm the names of her siblings; we don’t know if she has any of them who all lived together as kids.

For someone who has the spotlight on her, she remains a mystery for many who have tried to find out more about her personal life.

Thai grew up a decent child in her hometown in Brazil, where it was a beautiful time for her and her family.

Thai Education

Thai Education

Both of her parents invested fully in Thai education, which went a long way in making her who she is today.

As a child going to school, she excelled well in her grades as that was the only term given by her parents, who supported her.

She is a determined girl who did well enough to ensure her education life was well with everything made available.

Her school was a place close to her home during her primary time, and her parents had to make sure they knew how she was doing.

The name of the age-grade school she attended as a kid hasn’t been made available for now, with her keeping it private.

She progressed through high school, where things were much better as she had to attend a place far away from home.

Her parents didn’t stop supporting everything she was doing as a child, with them looking to ensure she was well educated.

Thai Coliri is still undergraduate studying dentistry at a prestigious university, although the name is still unknown.

We know it was a University in Brazil where she hoped to get a degree after years of study.

Yuri Alberto Girlfriend

Yuri Alberto Girlfriend

Thai Coliri is the girlfriend of Brazilian football player Yuri Alberto.

Their relationship is going strong since they are together as lovers and partners looking to go further.

They have shared so much together as two people dating each other as they are also working towards making their relationship healthy.

In the short period of dating, they have continued to show how much support they have for each other with everything going on in their respective lives.

We can’t confirm when they started dating, but we know they started as friends after meeting up somewhere.

In 2019, Yuri Alberto and Thai made their relationship public after dating behind the scene for a long time.

They took all the much-needed time to work on themselves before deciding to make it public, knowing they were sure about everything.

Things are good between them, and all indications point to spending the rest of their lives together.

Their relationship has flourished so much that they could decide to get married in the future as everything is working well.

They have one child together who was given birth in 2020, the only kid in their family for the primary time.

We can’t confirm how things are going between them for now as we don’t know if they are still together or not.

Thai Coliri and Yuri Alberto are said to be in some issues. We couldn’t confirm any news or anything made available about them together for a while.

Thai Children

Thai Children

Thia Coliri is the mother of one lovely child welcomed by her and her boyfriend, Yuri Alberto.

Ysis Coliri Monteiro is the name of the only child both couples have since they started their relationship.

She was born in June 2020 in Brazil, although we can’t confirm if that was the actual place of her birth.

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Ysis is two years old as both parents recently celebrated her birthday with many gifts given to her on that very day.

Both parents are equally in the life of their daughter, who is still very young and needs their attention.

She is the best thing to ever happen to them, and they have invested so much in making sure everything is available for her.

Thai Coliri Career

Thai Coliri Career

Thai Coliri is a career woman known as a dentist, Instagram star, and model.

She is a professional at what she does for a living which has pushed her forward with a lot already achieved.

Her primary career, for now, is as a dentist who is doing so well for herself in her field of work.

She is still practising as she has yet to get a degree to focus on being a full-time dentist entirely.

For her side hustle, she sometimes works as a model for brands, and she earns something good from gigs.

She hopes to progress more with her career as a dentist who has more years to go through in the University.

Thai Coliri is earning so much from all her jobs which are helping her pay for her University and other things needed.

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