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Stephen Darby

Stephen Darby is a former football player for Liverpool, who had an incredible career playing for mostly lower League.

Over his playing career, he was mostly with lower teams which he was able to make a good playing career out of it then.

His journey did not hit the heights he expected it to while still active, but it was all good for him.

Stephen Darby Biography

Stephen Darby

He was born on 6 October 1988 in Liverpool, a place located in England, United Kingdom.

Stephen Darby will be 34 years old when it gets to October; it is the day his birthdays are always celebrated with his beautiful family.

His growing up wasn’t that bad; his parents’ support was always made available to ensure he didn’t feel neglected or ignored.

Some information about the Englishman hasn’t been made public as we couldn’t get a hold of some vital details concerning his personal life.

The name of his parents hasn’t been made public yet till today; the details about them have been sealed away from the media.

Also, nothing is known about him having siblings when he was growing up, and nothing is still out today about them.

His community helped ensure he grew up the right way when he was still a kid under his parents.

There isn’t so much known about the condition of his home as a kid, but it must be one with so much done by his parents.

Stephen Education

Stephen Education

Stephen Darby had all his education done in Maghull, Merseyside, the community he lived.

His community made it easy for his education. He attended schools close to his parent’s home.

Education was a huge part of their family, with many of them going through the best schools to ensure they were well educated.

There isn’t much made available for his University days; he might have skipped that part due to his career.

During his education, he was also pushing and trying to improve his skills in football while still a little boy.

Luckily all the support was there for him to face football and his education simultaneously.

As long as he was doing well in school, he had all the opportunity and free time to play football with other kids.

He started his education attending, St. John Bosco’s primary school, where he did most of his grade learning.

Stephen Darby was a brilliant kid who had all his grades in school doing well, and he was encouraged whenever it was going bad.

He also continued with his education by attending Maricourt Roman Catholic High School when he was much older.

It may have seemed that is where his education stopped, as no information was released on which University he attended.

Stephen had football and education; he combined the two brilliantly when growing up.

Stephen Darby MND

Stephen Darby MND

Stephen Darby opened up an MND foundation after being diagnosed with the disease in 2018.

His goal in creating his MND foundation was to make sure he created awareness for the disease and make sure a cure is found.

The disease is the type that affects the brain and causes the individual to lose the ability to walk.

Their lower limbs become weak to allow freedom of movement, which results in them using a wheelchair.

Over the years, his foundation has offered so much boost with funding to encourage scientists to find a cure.

In the last year, 2021, a £50 million pledge was made on research for a cure and possible way out of the disease.

There have been son charity football matches played by club legends to create awareness and raise funds.

The UK government has also been involved in the case by pumping funds into research for drugs and treatment.

Stephen Darby Family

Stephen Darby Family

Stephen Darby is married to Manchester City Women football captain Steph Houghton.

Their relationship has been amazing, with them having so much in common aside from loving each other.

They started dating each other at a younger age after meeting each other. Steph Houghton has been with her husband all along the way.

There isn’t much known yet about when they started their relationship or where they met for the first time.

On 21 June 2018, they both decided to exchange vows in a huge wedding which had family and friends present to celebrate with them.

They were also teammates from the couple’s respective clubs who came to wish them well on their wedding day.

It has been a journey for them as the same year was when they received the news of Stephen MND’s illness.

It wasn’t the news they were expecting as it changed everything they had planned before getting married.

Stephen and Steph Houghton have been pushing on; they have no kids together as of 2022.

Stephen Darby’s Net Worth

Stephen Darby Net Worth

He has a net worth of $1,500,000, earned during his active football days.

His foundation is worth millions of dollars, with the UK government also involved with the movement.

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In 2021, $48 million got injected into his MND foundation to help push for a cure for the disease.

Stephen Darby also earns income from brands and sponsors still working with him despite hanging his boots from active football.

He currently has his own house, and he and his wife, Steph Houghton, both live together without any kids for now.

He does not live a lavish lifestyle despite having the money to afford such, including his wife, who is still active as Manchester City women’s captain.

Stephen Darby isn’t known as a wealthy individual as he spent most of his earnings on his foundation fighting for a cure for MND.

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