Sara Bella Bio: Thomas Partey Wife

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Sara Bella

Sara Bella is an Arab model and the wife of Ghana International footballer Thomas Party.

She is a successful woman who has done much for herself before meeting her husband, a football star.

A lot about her that has made the Arsenal man make a confident decision in his life.

Sara Bella Biography

Sara Bella

She was born on November 13, 1999, but the location of her birth is unknown.

Sara Bella will be 24 years old as of 2022 when it gets to the special day of the year when she takes her time to Mark another wonder milestone on earth.

She is from Morocco and a devoted Muslim known to the public since she made her public appearance.

We couldn’t gather enough information concerning her growing up, including details about her personal life.

The names of her parents are another mystery waiting to be solved by the media, who are still carrying out their investigations.

Growing up wasn’t that bad as we can tell she comes from a wealthy family who had everything working well for them.

Despite her parents’ names not being public, we can confirm they are in the upper class of society.

They are both from Iraq and are Muslims who made sure their daughter grew up in the same footsteps despite her getting so much exposure.

Sara Bella was given all the best by her parents, who ensured her younger age wasn’t full of too much stress and worries.

Sara Education

Sara Education

Sara Bella had a good education life when growing up under the roof of both parents, who had everything available to their daughter.

Education is a priority based on her background, and luckily her parents had the resources to give her the best.

She was also a determined girl who had to take that opportunity and put it to good use by ensuring she studied hard to make her parents proud.

The journey for her was one she enjoyed, and she made sure it was the best by doing all that was needed and required of her to excel smoothly.

There was a time in her life when she had to relocate to the United Kingdom to continue her education, thanks to her parents, who made it possible.

From all the schools she attended, we could pick a few names from all that were made known to the public.

She has a degree from HMT College and attended CAST British University, another institution.

Sara took her education so seriously that she had to attend reputable schools to make sure she got the best and nothing less.

Her main course of study is known as a radiologist, and she must have bagged a degree already, from what we can see.

Thomas Partey Wife

Thomas Partey Wife

Sara Bella is the wife of Ghanaian and Arsenal football club midfielder Thomas Partey.

Their relationship has been low-key for a long time despite them making a few public appearances over the years.

Although they are not married to each other, many media claims it to be otherwise as they might have already tired the knot.

From our heavy research on the couple, we couldn’t find anything pointing in the direction of them being married at this point in 2022.

But, their relationship is solid and rare to see with the Ghanaian deciding to switch to Muslim as his religion.

MySportDab understands that Thomas Partey also switched his name, adding Yakubu as a Muslim.

That shows how much love she has for his girlfriend, who is presumed to be his wife.

How they met each other is yet another mystery we haven’t got the opportunity to know for now as they are yet to make their relationship public.

Sara was said to relocate to the United Kingdom to further her education, which must be the fate that brought her to Thomas Partey.

The Arabian model has occasionally posted video of them showing they have been dating for a long time.

There has been so much love and commitment from them, as seen in their TikTok videos.

For now, there isn’t any post about Sara on the Arsenal player’s Instagram account, but we could be seeing that happen soon.

Sara Bella and Thomas Partey’s relationship is still growing, they are taking their time before making things official.

Sara Bella Career

Sara Bella Career

Sara is a radiologist, model, and Tiktoker who has created a career for herself.

There is so much she has been able to do for herself, which many people can do at such an age or time frame.

Her journey in her respective works of life has generated so much money that she barely needs her parents for upkeep.

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Her relationship with Arsenal player Thomas Partey boosted everything, with her becoming a famous individual all of a sudden.

There are also some rumours making rounds of her having a lip job done to make it look more different from what it used to be.

Although she hasn’t said anything about that, she kept her private life low-key till today.

She is also an acclaimed skin care specialist, and from her appearance, you can tell she takes more care of her body so much.

There is so much she has also made public about herself and what she does more to generate income.

She is more into making people look good by giving them tips on caring for their bodies.

Sara Bella has made some revealing things about herself.

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