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Rhodri Giggs is a former professional football player and the brother of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

Their relationship has been complicated over the years, which social media has borne to their outrage.

His football career wasn’t like his younger brother, who made it big for himself and won numerous titles before retiring.

Rhodri Giggs Biography

Rhodri Giggs

He was born in 1977, in Cardiff City in England, United Kingdom. Rhodri Giggs is 45 years old as of 2022.

He already celebrated his special day on earth months back when he clocked another milestone.

A lot kept hidden about his personal life growing up, while other are made known and not too good.

He grew up with his brother Ryan Giggs, a well-known figure in football.

They both had a good relationship growing up as kids under their parents’ care, who both supported them.

His father’s name is Danny Wilson. He is a former Rugby player who did so much for himself during his active days.

His mother’s name is Lynn Giggs, there isn’t so much known about her, but she can be placed as a homemaker.

Both parents were equally involved in their son’s life which was a good one for him at a younger age.

They have more than one child together; many only know him and his younger brother Ryan Giggs.

There isn’t any information stating another member of their family as of now, but it is expected of them to be more than just two brothers.

Most of their growing up was together in the United Kingdom, where they followed the same path in life and their respective careers.

Rhodri Education

Rhodri Education

Rhodri Giggs’s education was all done in England, where all his life has been from childhood till today.

His parents did well enough to make sure, aside from his career, he followed the path of being educated, which is a must during his young age.

For his family, being educated was a priority they took despite knowing how blessed they are individually in sport.

They also made it through by going to school and having a normal life like every kid.

He attended Grosvenor Road Primary School alongside his younger brother; they were always together.

He was a fully focused student who worked well on his school assignment always ensuring his grades went up.

Earning good grades is one of the reasons he was given more opportunities to follow his football dreams.

He also followed his education by attending Moorside High School, located in Swinton.

It was still him alongside his younger brother, who attended the same high school with recommendations from their parents.

While going to school, Rhodri Giggs pushed his football career, playing in many competitions with his brother.

Their relationship when they were young was so good, and it went a long way in shaping things well for them.

Ryan Giggs Brother

Ryan Giggs Brother

Rhodri Giggs is the brother of Manchester United legendary football player Ryan Giggs.

Their relationship used to be good when they were still young under their parent’s roof.

Things used to be good between them when growing up, with everything done together from childhood.

A lot has been shared between them back when they were building their career from the ground.

Aside from schooling in the same place, Rhodri and Ryan Giggs played grassroots football in their community and were together in teams.

It was a fruitful time with them having each other backs as things looked perfect without issues.

But, just like every good relationship ends up having problems, this was the same for the brothers.

Their relationship hit rock bottom following the scandal, which saw them getting involved with the same woman.

Rhodri Giggs was married to his longtime girlfriend Natasha Lever in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was a lavish wedding that marked the beginning of good things for the couple who had been dating for a long time.

But it was all rocked when he found out his wife Natasha was in a relationship with his brother Ryan without him having any idea of such going on.

It was a serious relationship that was said to be for eight years between Natasha and Ryan.

The relationship led to a pregnancy aborted a few days before the wedding with Rhodri Giggs.

The affair’s son came to light as the Manchester United legend had offered €500 in cash for an abortion to carry on.

Everything escalated to the couple filing for divorce, which all happened in 2013 when he found out about the affair with his brother.

That has been the problem between them as their relationship has been broken since then.

Rhodri Giggs Career

Rhodri Giggs Career

Rhodri had an amazing career in football despite not going as far as his brother, who played for a bigger team.

He started his football journey while still going to school with his brother, who they played together.

It began when he was a trainee with the lower division team Salford Boys, with whom he spent some time.

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He later moved to Torquay United, where he started establishing himself as a young football player.

Things didn’t work as planned for him, which led to him dropping his dreams of playing football.

Soon after, he was advised to go back when he was 19 years old, which he did and was able to play for Livingston.

He continued for about some months before he again decided to quit playing and focus on another career path.

He became a real estate agent. It was another path he wasn’t comfortable doing as football kept calling.

Rhodri Giggs picked back his boots as he played for Bacup Borough, United of Manchester, and other lower league clubs before he fully retired from the game.

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