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Natasha Lever

Natasha Lever is a TV Personality and the former wife of retired football player Rhodri Giggs.

She is the controversial wife of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs’ brother.

Despite are personal life being put out to the public, she has managed to keep things under control, making sure it doesn’t affect her much.

Natasha Lever Biography

Natasha Lever

She was born on 11 October 1982 in Bolton, a popular location in England, United Kingdom.

Natasha Lever will be 40 years old when it gets to October 2022. It is a day she marks another milestone on earth with family and well-wishers.

She spent most of her livelihood in England, the United Kingdom, where she lived under the roof and guidance of her parents when she was much younger as a kid.

A lot that has been made public as of today concerning how she grew up back in the days in her place of birth, Bolton in the United Kingdom.

Her parents’ names are also missing out from her public details, which might be due to some reasons why she made it not known to anything despite how most of her information is outside.

There isn’t so much known about her from a young age, although it could have been one filled with so much joy or trauma faced while living with her parents back then.

Nothing is also known concerning her siblings, she might have a few of them all around, but she hasn’t made their information public, just like her parent’s details which are missing.

Natasha Relationships

Natasha Relationships

Natasha Lever has had a couple of relationships, mostly with top football players over the years.

They have all played out in one way or another leading to so many controversies surrounding her love life with the number of men she has been with.

For her, it was all about finding the perfect love for herself with so many ups and downs but all leading to one break up or being left by the men who loved her.

There are also a couple of relationships she left due to certain issues concerning the whole affair, which she had to jump out of before it became an issue in her life.

The names of top football stars she has dated started from 1998 to 2002 with Dwight Yorke, one of the famous people she has shared part of her life with him.

Their relationship was good when it all started with both of them making a couple of public appearances. Rhodri  was still active as a football player in the last stages of his career.

Unfortunately, after four years together things ended between them; their relationship didn’t lead to them having any kids together, while they almost could have made it as husband and wife.

She moved on to other relationships including the brothers of Ryan and Rhodri Giggs, which was catastrophic for all involved in the situation then as she was exposed for having a relationship outside her marriage.

Natasha Lever is currently with Mark Smith. They both have a son together in the relationship, which started sometime after Rhodri divorced after a scandal with his brother.

Rhodri Giggs Wife

Rhodri Giggs Wife

Natasha Lever is the former wife of retired English and United of Manchester football player Rhodri Giggs.

Their marriage had a lot when it all started with so much love being shared between them as they made it official to the public.

As usual, it was a good start when they both met and decided to make each other their partner with a low-key relationship which later was made public after being seen together.

They shared so many adorable moments on and off the scene in the early years of their dating, which was seen as a perfect couple who had found love in each other, not knowing what was meant to happen.

Natasha was already in a relationship with Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs while she was with Rhodri, the other brother of the football legend.

In 2010, she tied the knot with Rhodri Giggs in a lavish wedding in Las Vegas when the relationship with his other brother was still ongoing, with her keeping it a secret.

It wasn’t long before things escalated to the public, with everything exposed while she got pregnant for Ryan and was offered money for abortion back in 2011.

Soon her husband found out, leading to their marriage ending in 2013. They both had to separate after spending years with kids involved in their relationship.

Natasha Lever was also claimed to have been involved with other men during his time with Rhodri Giggs, who were mostly big names in the football world.

Natasha Lever Children

Natasha Lever Children

Natasha is a blessed mother. So far, she has three children from different fathers and relationships.

She has been the type who has gone in and out of many relationships, filled with so many controversies with her being caught cheating or being left for one reason or another.

There has been so much for her to deal with in the past, which has seen her give birth to three children who came from different relationships which didn’t end up well for the TV personality.

She had her first son named Liam from her first relationship, which the father, for now, has not been made public as of today, with Rhodri Giggs being taken as the baby day.

Although there is another son named Luis Giggs, he is the biological son of the former football player who was given birth during their marriage together.

Both sons are expected to be in their teenage years as their mother also has another child with her current partner Mark Smith.

Natasha Lever is one woman who has been hit with so much backlash and hit from the internet over her lifestyle, which many see as bad for her being a woman that is supposed to be well respected.

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