Natalia Leteri Bio: Jorginho Ex-Wife Hidden Facts

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Natalia Leteri

Natalia Leteri is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and the ex-wife of Italy International footballer Jorginho.

She is an accomplished individual in her respective life despite her marriage not working out with her husband.

She is a fantastic woman who has done so much for herself and her family.

Natalia Leteri Biography

Natalia Leteri

She was born in 1991 in Italy, where she has been almost all her life growing up till today.

Natalia Leteri should be 29 years old as of 2022, but her actual date of birth is unknown.

Her birthday might have already happened, but we don’t have much on that as we only know the year she came to life.

So much about her is unknown as she barely makes a public appearance or grants interviews.

Concerning her parents, the information is still nothing to talk about as she hasn’t revealed their identity at any point in time.

Although, we know that both parents played an essential role during her childhood.

Being the woman she is today, she has a lot of credit to her parents who ensured that was possible today.

For someone famous for being the ex-wife of Jorginho, she indeed isn’t attracted by the spotlight around her daily life.

Growing up in the community in Italy impacted so much in her; it shaped her to be the better person she is today.

It tells how much support she got, mostly from her parents, making sure the right path was always the way she took from her younger age.

Jorginho Ex-Wife

Jorginho Ex-Wife

Natalia Leteri is the ex-wife of Italy International and Chelsea football club midfielder Jorginho.

Their relationship used to be amazing between both of them shared so many memories.

It was a perfect beginning that had so much love between them as they were inseparable when it all started.

The picture was good when they started like every other couple who got to meet at first in certain events or locations.

Theirs were the same and sound, with a happy beginning in which the love was strong and never expected to come to an end.

They started making public appearances in 2009, but their relationship started before that said time.

It is unknown how they first met each other, but it could have been at a party or place the football star always visits.

Their journey in dating was said to have started in 2009 when they attended various events as a couple.

They continued going on strong for years before they decided to engage themselves while their relationship was doing good.

In 2017, they exchanged vows and married themselves at a wedding party filled with so many people in their lives.

Their marriage could only last for two years as everything came crashing down between the couple.

They had to go through many differences which rocked the marriage, and it couldn’t survive the storm.

Her husband quickly moved on with someone else which is the reason for their failed marriage together.

Nothing got confirmed as the reason for their divorce, which was made official by both people as they went their separate ways.

They both had children together, but it wasn’t enough to keep their marriage which was short-lived.

Natalia Leteri and Jorginho share custody of their children which is the only relationship between them today.

Natalia Children

Natalia Children

Natalia Leteri is a mother of two children, a son, and a daughter, with ex-husband Jorginho.

They both had their first child when they were still dating and had no intention of getting married.

Things looked perfect and they were sure about themselves before taking that step to welcome their first child.

They gave birth to Vitor, and no information about his birthday has been made public by both parents, who have kept it on a low profile.

Although in 2018, they both welcomed another child, a daughter, before their marriage came crashing down.

It is the fault of the football player who might have started a relationship with someone else.

The other woman’s name is Catherine Harding; she is a famous singer, he is the current girlfriend of the Italian football star.

They also have a son together in their short relationship, which seems to be going well, just like how it was with Natalia.

Natalia Leteri is still single and has yet to move on from her failed marriage, as her main priority is taking care of her two children.

Natalia Leteri Career

Natalia Leteri Career

Natalia Leteri is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who has kept her career details private.

She is a successful career woman who has done so much, mostly now that she is single and has to make sure she provides for her children.

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It hasn’t been easy knowing she has a lot going on and also facing her career as a divorced mother.

Several investigations have tried to figure out where she did work at any point in her life.

Despite how deep down they have dug for information that hasn’t been successful, nothing has surfaced.

Her career is still under review now, but we can confirm she is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.

She has also done some joint work with her ex-husband in the past.

Natalia Leteri’s career has been impacted so much by her association with former partner Jorginho, a football player for Chelsea.

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