Jorgelina Cardoso Bio: Angel Di Maria Wife

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Jorgelina Cardoso

Jorgelina Cardoso is an entrepreneur and the wife of Argentina International footballer Angel Di Maria.

She is known for making more family decisions because her husband is always busy with duties.

Jorgelina Cardoso Biography

Jorgelina Cardoso

She was born to her lovely parents on July 11, 1982, in Rosario which is located in South America, Argentina.

Jorgelina Cardoso will be 40 years old in July 2022; when it gets to the day, she celebrates with her family.

She is of Argentine heritage, where both parents are from and have given birth.

She had a good growing up; her parents were there to ensure everything needed was made available complete without issues.

She came from a humble home, getting the best-disciplined growing up when she was still under both parents.

Her father’s name is Papito Lindo; he is a humble individual who dedicated his life to ensuring his family was okay.

Her mother’s name is unknown to the public as she hasn’t given much information about her.

She came from a strongly religious family who is Christians; they are devoted ones who made sure their children grew up the same way.

There aren’t many details about her siblings.

She isn’t the only child of her parents; despite her not making it known, pictures have often shown her and the faces of people who both look alike.

She is a private person who does not like stepping out in the spotlight created by her husband.

Jorgelina Age

Jorgelina Age

Jorgelina Cardoso is an accomplished wife and mother. Her age is 40 years old as of 2022.

Her age isn’t looking bad on her as she remains beautiful with a nice-looking physical appearance.

So many will know it; she is seven years older than her husband, Angel Di Maria, still an active football player.

She has continued to feed her body with the right things making her still look young despite being a mother.

Not many mothers can proudly look the way she is at age 40, all thanks to her healthy living.

She partakes in exercises that help control her physic with her being able to avoid adding weight.

Her height is around 5 feet tall, with a measurement of 162cm. It is an average height for any woman.

She weighs about 58 kilograms and has no tattoo on her despite her husband having more on him.

Jorgelina Cardoso is beautifully blessed, and she does everything to make sure she lives healthy with a good daily routine.

Angel Di Maria’s Wife

Angel Di Maria Wife

Jorgelina Cardoso is the wife of Argentina and former Paris Saint Germain player Angel Di Maria.

She is blessed to have such a fantastic individual as her husband has shown how much their love means.

Their relationship has everything they had always wished for when they started dating each other at a younger age.

Although it hasn’t been that easy journey based on the vast difference between them, which many have pointed out.

She is much older than her husband in age, but that hasn’t been an issue in their relationship at any point.

The media has made their age difference an issue, but the couple has always distanced themselves from such drama.

Their love for each other has nothing to do with their age, as over the years, they have grown stronger as one and a happy family.

The journey of love started some decades ago when they were both younger and trying to figure out their lives.

Details concerning when they started seeing each other have been omitted, with nothing known about it.

They both got engaged in 2011 after being together as a boyfriend and girlfriend in their relationship.

The couple’s wedding was not huge, but it was big enough to be something memorable for the couple.

The ceremony took place in their native town in Argentina.

It was an eventful day; their families made their presence known alongside friends and well-wishers.

Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel Di Maria are still growing strong in their 11 years of marriage together, and they have a happy home.

Jorgelina Cardoso Children

Jorgelina Cardoso Children

Jorgelina Cardoso is a mother of two children for her husband, a well-known footballer.

Jorgelina is blessed to be a mother of two children who has impacted so much in her life.

The two children she has are both daughters, and she is proud of having just the both of them in her life for now.

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So equally to their father, he has always taken his time to show his two daughters whenever they come to watch him play.

The proud parents equally share responsibilities for their children brought up in a God-fearing home.

The name of their children are Mia Di Maria and Pia Di Maria; both of them look adorable with more of their parents in them.

Mia was born in 2013; her birth got complicated as she came out early than expected.

Their second daughter, Pia, was born on November 3, 2017, making her the second and youngest of the family.

The eldest of the family is nine years old, while the youngest is five years old as of 2022.

Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel Di Maria are both doing an excellent job as parents to their children, who are still very young under them.

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