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Jason Cundy Bio Career Net Worth

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Jason Cundy

Jason Cundy is a former English football player and Radio Broadcaster for TalkSport.

He once played for English Premier League sides like Chelsea, Tottenham, and Crystal Palace during the early days of his career.

His journey in the world of football wasn’t the best, but he did manage to make something out of it before calling it an end for himself.

Jason Cundy Biography

Jason Cundy

He was born on 12 November 1969 in London, a place located in England, United Kingdom.

Jason Cundy will be 53 years old as of 2022; he will celebrate another year on earth when it gets to November.

He is of English Heritage, having been born in London, a popular place in the United Kingdom.

There is so much information missing from his growing up, which is not available to the media as, during his active days, the media wasn’t that big.

For his parents, their details are not available for now as every investigation carried out to fish out information about them wasn’t successful.

Although from how things looked for him, he had a good time growing up under his parents, who ensured they groomed him up to become the successful person he is today.

He is married to Lizzie Miller, and they both have one son named Joshua throughout their life together before separation.

He is currently married to Hannah Pedley, and they also have a son together from their marriage which started in 2015.

As for information about his siblings, we still couldn’t find anything about that despite digging deep; for now, he is not with anyone.

Jason Cundy is the only one in his family we know; for now, nothing more about him. If he does have any other siblings, we might know about them.

Jason Education

Jason Education

Jason Cundy did have a good education when growing up with his parents, who made provision for everything to ensure he made it through with ease.

As an English born, education was part of their family thing they all in one time of their life were able to go to school.

For him, it wasn’t a difference; he did attend the best schools from age grade, which is close to their home, with his parents monitoring his growth.

There is not much known about his academic life, as the information on him isn’t that much to make up anything substantial about his childhood growing up.

No media space has been able to get complete information on which schools he attended, but they only confirmed his education life was good with him passing through all levels.

It is clear from his job as a radio broadcaster today shows how much of an education he had when growing up, which is paying off for him today.

The name of the schools he attended when he was still a much younger kid isn’t available; the information wasn’t made public by him since he has been in the spotlight.

Talking of high school, it is the same thing; no information has been made public concerning that aspect of his life as everything is still kept private by him.

Jason Cundy did graduate from a University where he might have gotten a degree of some sort, but nothing known as other details on his education have been.

Jason Career

Jason Career

Jason Cundy’s career was an amazing one during his active days playing football which started through the Chelsea youth team.

He did enjoy playing football much, which was all in England, with Ipswich Town being the place he played most of his career.

He managed to play for some top teams during the early days of his career, which saw him also featuring for the Tottenham side, which was both on loan and permanent move.

Jason Moved a lot in his career, but he didn’t move away from England as every club he played for was an English side and was interested in any offers for him to play abroad.

His career started with Chelsea in 1988 after making it through from their youth team, which saw him staying with them until 1992.

The defender made 41 league appearances for the Blues during the four years he played in their senior team, which saw him score twice.

He moved on a loan move to Tottenham in 1992 after he couldn’t pin a regular starting place with the Blues, which led to him joining another London side.

His loan spell with Spurs wasn’t that bad as he made ten appearances playing for them throughout that season which his contribution helped them a lot.

The loan move to Spurs was permanent as he played with them until 1996 with just 18 appearances and 1 goal scored during those time.

He moved on loan to Crystal Palace between his time with Tottenham; the move was fruitful as he also moved on loan to Bristol City, where he could manage just a few playing time.

Jason joined Ipswich Town in 1996; it was first a permanent loan move the following season, where he enjoyed more playing time.

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He made 58 appearances all through his spell with them while he scored five goals before making his last move to Portsmouth, where he retired in 2000.

In the 1992-93 season, he scored one of the most bizarre goals for Tottenham against Ipswich Town, which was from 40 yards.

Jason Cundy retired early after a knee injury he couldn’t come out from, calling it an end in 2000.

Jason Cundy’s Net Worth

Jason Cundy Net Worth

Jason Cundy’s net worth is $1 500, 000 million which was all made throughout his football career.

He is now a radio broadcaster for TalkSport, and he has been with them for a long time since his football career ended.

During his active days, there wasn’t so much press, and social media isn’t the way it is now for them as they could barely make extra cash outside their wages.

He did manage to earn decent wages in his career, which was enough to give him the best life he needed to have back then.

Jason Cundy does not live a luxurious lifestyle, but he has enough to make sure he and his family can take care of themselves.

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