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Enrico Chiesa Bio Federico Chiesa Father

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Enrico Chiesa

Enrico Chiesa is an Italy football manager, former player, and father of Juventus star Federico Chiesa.

He is widely known as one of the best football players during his active time, scoring loads of goals for the clubs he played.

His son also took after him, but he still has a lot to prove if he will ever be more likely at the same level as his father was a known legend.

Enrico Chiesa Biography

Enrico Chiesa

He was born on 29 December 1970 in Genoa, a famous and ancient city in Italy.

Enrico Chiesa will be hitting 52 years in December 2022, the day he is meant to celebrate another milestone on earth.

He is one interesting person who has been in the football world for a long time, like many others who continue to grow and explore more career paths.

There isn’t much known about his personal life as when he was growing up in Genoa, where he spent most of his childhood under the supervision of his parents.

He hasn’t mentioned his parents’ names or revealed anything leading to them known until today.

His parents’ names are missing at the moment, he had never mentioned anything about them when he was active playing, and also, nothing was made known.

There aren’t known siblings associated with him, and the information about his personal life and matters is unclear to many who have conducted their investigations.

From what he has granted during his early playing days, his childhood wasn’t that easy for him having his parents who didn’t have so much to offer despite how hard they labored.

Enrico Chiesa did have to put in all the work to make sure he created a path for himself, which is why his children had everything they needed, including a role model to follow.

Federico Chiesa Father

Federico Chiesa Father

Enrico Chiesa is the father of Italy International and Juventus football club forward Federico Chiesa.

Like the father, the son carried on his legacy, establishing himself as one of the hottest football stars in Europe today, playing his trades in Italy, which is his homeland.

It is common between father and son who share so many similarities; they have a lot regarding their choices in picking a career and what they have achieved with everything done.

Much about Enrico Chiesa has been open; we can also talk about his son, who has managed to ensure the legacy didn’t die that quickly as the name continues tormenting teams and defenders.

Undoubtedly, he played a massive role in guiding Federico Chiesa through the path he is currently working through to make sure he created a legacy for himself to overtake his father’s possibly.

He also followed the path his father started as a footballer, making it through teams like Florentina, Parma, and Siena, where they made names for themselves before moving up the ranks.

Chiesa has created a legacy. His son, Federico Chiesa, is looking for a breakthrough someday in his career as he still has a long way to go doing that under Juventus.

Enrico Career

Enrico Career

Enrico Chiesa had a fantastic career when actively playing for Italy national team and Serie A sides like Sampdoria, Parma, Lazio, and Fiorentina.

His career blossomed from one place to another as his goal records kept increasing as he continued to make more progress in developing himself into the player he was back then.

He started with an armature club in Genoa called, Pontedecimo back in 1986–87, which was a good one for him as that helped in shaping a solid foundation.

His first senior club was Sampdoria, where he made his debut on 16 April 1989, playing in the game against Roma, which they lost 1-0 in that encounter after 90 minutes.

He was loaned out to try and develop himself for some time, which saw him playing for Teramo of Serie C2 and another lower league side, Chieti of Serie C1.

After playing for those lower division sides, he returned to his parent club Sampdoria to try and pin regular playing time in 1992; he failed once again and was with Modena in Serie B.

He played for the Serie B side in the 1993–94 season, which was impressive as he improved his game a bit before moving on to Cremonese during the 1994–95 season to continue.

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That was one of the best moves for Enrico Chiesa. He scored 14 goals in what was his breakthrough season playing for a Serie A side before making another return back to Sampdoria to form a partnership with Roberto Mancini.

They were deadly that season in the Serie A, where he scored 22 goals in 27 games he was able to play; the following season, Parma signed him. He scored 14 times and helped them finish second.

Enrico Chiesa became a goalscoring machine as he played for other clubs like Fiorentina, Lazio, Siena, and Figline before his football journey ended.

Enrico Chiesa Family

Enrico Chiesa Family

Enrico Chiesa is married to his wife, Francesca Chiesa, and they have three children together all their years of being in their relationship as a couple.

They have a fantastic family who is always together on holidays making sure they don’t grow apart, knowing how things used to be when they were kids living with their father and mother.

The names of their children include Federico, who plays football for Serie A team Juventus, and others are Lorenzo and Adriana. They all are enjoying the respective career paths they choose.

In their family, both sons are into football and are currently with a Serie A club side playing their trades; aside from Federico playing with Juventus, his brother, Lorenzo, is also a player with Fiorentina.

All children of Enrico Chiesa have been a blessing to him, with each taking a part of him and making something happen for themselves in their respective careers, as two of them took after football and are doing well.

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