Isha Price Bio (5 Facts) Venus Williams Sister

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Isha Price

Isha Price is a lawyer, producer, and the sister of popularly known tennis player Venus Williams.

She has accomplished a lot all through her life, doing what she knows how to do best for many people in her community.

There is so much she has been through growing up with her family, which helped her shape who she is now as a lawyer.

Isha Price Biography

Isha Price

She was born on February 18, 1975, in Beverly Hills, California, in the United States of America.

Isha Price is 47 years old. She has already celebrated her birthday for the year.

There is so much she has been through at an early age while growing up with her mother, who was with another man throughout her entire life from childhood until today.

She had everything good as possible to ensure she remained a focused kid looking to shape herself into someone good in the future despite how things looked for her during the early days.

Her father’s name is Yusef Rasheed. He is late and was not involved in his daughter’s life, who had to live with her mother and stepfather who all had a lovely family.

Her mother’s name is Oracene Price. She is a homemaker and the ex-wife of Richard Williams, who both had the famous tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams, who are popularly known worldwide.

They all lived together in their happy home, with both parents working twice as hard to ensure all their kids under them had everything they needed to sustain in life.

Isha Price had four other siblings who all lived together: Yetude, Lyndrea, Venus, and Serena Williams, who all had a major impact on her life when she was growing up.

Isha Education

Isha Education

Isha Price is a well-educated woman who has spent most of her life studying and grooming herself into the successful figure she is today in the United States of America.

There isn’t so much she revealed about her education life as it was all sorts of having to go to school while her parents struggled to provide and moved places due to her sister’s career.

We couldn’t understand or find out anything concerning the age grade or high school she attended while she was much younger, but it was claimed it was a place closer to her home she did attend.

She had been a book nerd from an early age when her other sisters were focused on playing tennis; she was busy studying to create a path that was different from what most of her siblings wanted.

Her parents did encourage her in every way possible with them, making sure she got the best education, even with them leaving her most of the time to go places with Venus Williams and Serena Williams. They were also going far with their careers.

Isha furthered her education at Georgetown University Law Center.

She also attended Howard University as both of them are known as where he bagged a degree in Law and another in production.

Venus Williams Sister

Venus Williams Sister

Isha Price is the sister of tennis player and multiple grand slam winners Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Their sister’s bond has been strong since the first day as they all lived together under their parents despite having different fathers, which wasn’t a big deal as all of them had equal love for each other.

Growing up with her famous sisters, who have made so much for themselves from nothing, is an inspiration that she took by making sure her path led to something successful, even if it was not as theirs looked.

She is a huge part of all her sisters, who, one way in another, sees and respect her for all she had to do and sacrifice when they were kids, as she always made herself available when needed as their big sister of the house with four other siblings.

All the sisters shared a common documentary movie called King Richard, which Isha Price produced; the film tells the story of Venus Williams and Serena Williams’s journey to being successful black women tennis players.

Before that, she also invested in a film about her sisters titled Venus and Serena Williams. She has always done more for both of her siblings whenever needed to make something happen.

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It has gone a long way in showing how both of them are important to her since they grew up and became the famous sportswomen they are of today, with so much already achieved between them.

Isha wastes no much time in showering praises on her sisters Venus Williams and Serena Williams, one of the most accomplished tennis players.

Isha Price’s Sister Death

Isha Price Sister Death

Isha Price’s sister Yetunde Price got shot dead on September 14; it wasn’t a good experience for her and her family, who had to deal with such a horrible situation.

She was killed by a gang member named Robert Edward Maxfield, who opened fire on Yetunde Price who was inside an SUV car with her boyfriend on that faithful day, which she couldn’t survive.

Her killer shot at the car without checking to see who was inside due to a rivalry battle between gang members. He believed that it was a rival gang which he opened fire.

The Williams family was shocked when the news got to them that Yetunde had been shot multiple times and fighting for survival at the hospital; it was bad news for the family, who eventually confirmed she didn’t make it through.

Isha Price still has the memories of her sister Yetunde Price engraved inside her knowing she was her biological sister, with others being half-sisters to her.

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