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Harriet Robson

Harriet Robson is a British supermodel and the girlfriend of England International football player Mason Greenwood.

She and her boyfriend got involved in an incident that is currently under investigation by the police.

She is an accomplished young lady who has been able to make something going before getting the spotlight on her.

Harriet Robson Biography

Harriet Robson

She was born on February 12, 2000, in Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

Harriet Robson is 22 years old in 2022. She already celebrated her birthday back in February, and many family and friends reached out to her.

She has been in the United Kingdom her entire life because that’s where she was born and brought up till today.

Her father’s name is Alan Robson. He is a businessman who is well known in the United Kingdom.

Her mother’s name is Robson. Her first name hasn’t been unveiled to the media as of today writing this content about Harriet Robson.

She is from a family who are religious, they strongly believe in God, and they are a devoted Christian family.

Both parents are equally involved and obligated to all their children, whom they did so much for growing up.

The total number of children is three, including Harriet, who hangs out with her siblings.

The name of her siblings is Francesca Robson and Emma Robson. They are all three children in their family.

As for her education, there isn’t so much, but we know she did attend all her schools in the United Kingdom.

She also graduated from a well-known university where she did study a course in business.

They all live happily with both parents providing all their needs, mostly when they were still kids.

Their growing up was also blissful, knowing they had many gatherings and memories shared as a family.

They have always carried the tradition of being close even when they grow up age, but they still make time for family gatherings.

Harriet had support, care, and love from everyone close to her. It added so much in shaping her into who she is today.

Mason Greenwood Girlfriend

Mason Greenwood Girlfriend

Harriet Robson is the girlfriend of Manchester United football club player Mason Greenwood.

Their relationship might have hit the end of the roads, but nothing has been confirmed.

Like every other relationship, theirs started so well as they share a lot and always show up when needed.

Their relationship had been low-key for a long time before they decided to appear in public.

During their early days of dating, they did everything low-key ensuring they avoided scrutiny from the media which is always not good.

At which point their age wasn’t that advisable to be in a relationship knowing they were very age and don’t know too much.

For now, we don’t have much information on how things started, like, their first date and where they saw at the beginning of everything.

Although, we have a theory that they have been childhood friends who might have met when they schooled together.

They grew on each other making their relationship perfect with no weakness.

It was all roses for them until things got out of hand, leading to an ugly incident.

Harriet posted a video and pictures of her physically abused by her boyfriend.

The case escalated quickly, leading to the Manchester United player being arrested by the police.

His place with his team was stripped away leading to many sponsors pulling out of the deal they had with him before the accusation.

Mason Greenwood was charged with assault, rape, and others which were all table down on him by the police after his arrest.

It hasn’t been good since then, but he was released and could be joining back his club Manchester United.

Harriet Robson and Mason Greenwood might have ended their relationship, but we don’t know anything yet said from both ends.

Harriet Career

Harriet Career

Harriet Robson is a successful model who has achieved so much in her career despite being so young.

She is also a well-known social media influencer who has been given jobs a lot by a popular brand and her delivery has been exceptional.

Her career has been booming as she has managed to keep it going consistently over the years she has been into it.

Things took that tremendous turn to the next level when she was known as Manchester United star Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend.

Her social media grew, and many brands, including companies, wanted to work with her more on moving their organization forward.

Over the years, Harriet Robson has worked with many global brands, which, on the other hand pay her well for those jobs she did already.

Fashion Nova and Pretty little things are the major brands she has worked for over time, and they share a lot in common.

She has also been involved with others which has fetched her so much income that she can take care of herself without help.

Harriet Robson Abuse Case

Harriet Robson Abuse Case

Harriet suffered abuse and assault from her boyfriend, Mason Greenwood.

The experience sent social media outrage following the videos and pictures released online.

Early this year, in January 2022, Harriet claimed that her boyfriend physically abused her.

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She confirmed the incident with some pictures, videos, and audio clips that were made public.

They all went viral within minutes of their release. It soon got the attention of the police, who immediately swung into action with arrest.

Alan Robson, the victim’s father had a lot to say about seeing her daughter go through such from someone she loves.

Authorities are still on the case despite the football player being released to continue his normal life without football.

Harriet Robson is still recovering from the terror of going through such an event with her boyfriend, Mason Greenwood.

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