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Gemma Owen

Gemma Owen is a horse rider, model, and daughter of the Liverpool ex-player Micheal Owens.

She is one of the competitors in International dressage and has also launched her beachwear brand.

Gemma is known to be a sports lover, and her desire for sports started when she was a toddler.

Gemma Owen Biography

Gemma Owen

She was born on May 1, 2003, in Chester, which is a place located in the United Kingdom.

Gemma Owen is 19 years old as of 2022, with her recently celebrating the day she was born to her amazing parents.

Her birth place is the Countess of Chester Hospital; she was born in the Accident and Emergency Department.

She grew up with her parents, who ensured they gave everything to provide for her growing up wasn’t hard like others.

Her father’s name is Michael Owen, a retired football player and now a football pundit.

Her mother’s name is Louise Bonsall; there isn’t much information about what she does for a living before or now.

The 19-year-old is known to be a three-time winner of the International dressage, and she is also a business owner.

In her last global contest, Gemma finished in the 46th position after winning the 2020 International competition.

Gemma Owen is in the 2022 Love Island contest, a show in the United Kingdom.

There is a lot she had during her younger age which many struggled for, it was just about her parents providing but her getting it herself.

She had so much support for a young kid who was already making a name for herself.

She was already practicing how to ride a horse at a young age, knowing she wasn’t old enough to make it easy possible.

Gemma Education

Gemma Education

Gemma Owen had one of the best and most quality education life as a younger child with the support of both parents.

Despite the details about her education still being a bit sketchy, she did make it through all possible processes of being educated.

Her parents had a guideline that all their kids must make sure their education is taken seriously despite them being wealthy to skip that process.

In doing so, Gemma and her siblings had to prioritize their education, and their parents were equally involved in ensuring everything went well.

She did attend her early grades school in a community close to her home to ensure both parents could easily monitor her progress.

She was also the kind who put in more effort to make sure she did well when needed by her teachers to work on her dropping grades.

It was a process that she went through with ease making sure she prepared herself for the future, which she is doing well now.

Gemma also attended a reputable university where she claimed a degree, and her course of study is on fashion.

Michael Owen’s Daughter

Michael Owen Daughter

Gemma Owen is the daughter of a former football player for Liverpool, Manchester United, and England, Michael Owen.

She is known as the Owen’s family oldest daughter, with both parents giving birth to her two years after they got married.

Gemma and her father, Michael Owen, are known to be best of friends, and they usually hang out when they are both free.

Their relationship isn’t that strong, unlike her mother, Louise Bonsall.

She mainly took after her mother, an entrepreneur and a homemaker who had more time with their daughter growing up.

Spending more time with her mother made her who she is today as she learned more to beg productive and not wait to make others provide for her.

The entrepreneurial spirit and fight made her start venturing into things from an early age with her father also had to make the resources available to her.

She equally loves both parents, who are both inspirations to her as they have impacted so much in her life growing up and still do so today.

Gemma Owen and Michael Owen’s bond is evident in public, with the father and daughter always finding time to make public appearances.

Gemma Siblings

Gemma Siblings

She wasn’t born alone in her family; she has other siblings who are 3 in number, making them four children.

Gemma Owen has one brother, James Michael Owen, and he is the family’s only son.

Her sisters’ names are Emily and Jessica Owen; they are both the youngest of a family of 4 children.

Gemma is the eldest born in 2003, while James was born on February 6, 2006, making him 16 years old as of 2022.

Meanwhile, the birthdays of Emily and Jessica are yet to be made public, but they should also be in their early teenage years or just one of them.

All the family’s children are being cared for by both parents, who support any decision they choose to make.

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None has decided to follow in their father’s footsteps into the same career path in professional football.

Michael Owen also revealed his son James is clinically blind; he inherited a rare disease.

He confirmed his only son has Stargardt disease, which is a condition that affects the retina part of the eyes, causing blindness.

Gemma Owen Career

Gemma Owen Career

Gemma is a blessed young lady with many career parts, including a Model, fashion designer, and International dressage rider.

There is so much more she has ventured into despite being 19 years old and already doing well for herself.

She is also a known social media influencer who’s made a name for herself with her vast online presence.

Throughout venturing into many career paths, she has also earned out of them.

She might be one of the wealthiest teenagers, with her estimated worth amounting to $320,000.

Gemma Owen earned her wealth through hard work from her early days and now continues to grow financially.

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