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Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is an actress and Irish professional wrestler for WWE Universe.

She has established herself as a force in the wrestling world, having come from Ireland to the United States of America.

She is not just an accomplished career person, but she is a mother and wife who have a family backing her in everything she does.

Becky Lynch Biography

Becky Lynch

She was born on 30th January 1987, in Limerick, a place located in Ireland.

Becky Lynch is 35 years old as of 2022; her birthday was celebrated early in the year with her family and people around her.

Her real name is Rebecca Quin; she is of Irish heritage through both parents who were born and raised in Ireland.

Her parents had so much involvement in doing with her when she was still growing up as a little girl in her hometown.

As a kid, she grew up in the Dublin suburb of Baldoyle, having been born in a different location in Ireland.

Her parents did not have a fruitful marriage when she was still young under their supervision.

Becky Lynch’s parents separated when she was just a year older due to some complicated reason which wasn’t made known.

Her father’s name is Ken; he wasn’t too involved in her daughter’s life when she was younger, having separated from her mother.

Her mother’s name is unknown now as we can’t gather any information about her despite all the investigations.

Becky isn’t the only child of both of his parents; he also has another son who followed the same path in wrestling.

Her brother’s name is Richy, a wrestler known as Gonzo de Mondo, who was one of the people who inspired Becky Lynch.

The two siblings have shared a strong bond since their childhood. Becky and Richy both fight as a team.

Becky Education

Becky Education

Becky Lynch’s education wasn’t that bad during her early days as a kid. Her family supported her with everything they made.

She enjoyed the luxury of being educated just like many other sportswomen despite how she grew up with both parents separating.

Becky didn’t enjoy going to school as she claimed she was heading on the wrong path when she was still young, trying to figure out herself.

She was always interested in wrestling as a kid, but she tried other sports like horse riding, swimming, and basketball.

Despite all she did venture into, she didn’t love any of them as it was always wrestling for her since her childhood.

She failed P.E when she was in school; she claimed it was due to her falling through the wrong path.

She attended the University College Dublin, where she studied history and politics.

She did not go further as she did drop out of the university because she couldn’t focus on school.

During the time of her going to school, she had a lot of trouble, mainly with alcohol which hindered so much concerning her.

Becky Lynch also tried to return to school to study health and exercise, but at the same time, she started her journey as a wrestler.

Becky Career

Becky Career

Becky Lynch is a well-decorated WWE superstar who has done much in her career as an actress and professional wrestler.

As a young child, she had always had the eagerness to become a wrestler when she used to watch it on television as a kid.

She started training in a wrestling school in Ireland opened by Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey.

In 2002, she made her professional wrestling debut on November 11th with her brother.

Her ring name is Rebecca Knox. When she started her career, she was in a mixed team alongside her brother.

Becky also had the opportunity of working with NWA UK Hammerlock, which is a British wrestling promotion company.

In 2005, she joined SuperGirls Wrestling which by then, she was already improving in her craft to become a household name.

She established herself during her time there, winning Championship belts and others before moving on in her career.

She moved to WWE in 2013, signing a two-year contract under the NXT brand, and her name changed to Becky Lynch.

She made her debut in the NXT on 26th June 2014 in a fight against Summer Rae, which she won.

Her journey in the NXT division was fruitful as she had to team up with Bayley, who they later broke up with.

She had a fierce rivalry with Charlotte Flair, another name making headlines in the women’s division.

Becky and Charlotte had it against each other in a couple of fixed fights which the Irish fighter didn’t win on three occasions.

She has moved on since then into making her debut in Raw and SmackDown, respectively, where she has also won titles.

She took a break in 2021 to have a baby, and she made a return playing a new character as a heel.

Becky Lynch has won both the Raw and Smackdown Championship titles, with her once on a winning streak as ‘The Man.’

Becky Relationship

Becky Relationship

Becky Lynch is married to Seth Rollins, a real wrestler named Colby Lopez.

They got engaged in August 2019; it was an eventful day when they both made the announcement.

They married on 29 June 2021, after years of dating from 2019, when they made it official as a couple.

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Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins gave birth to their first child Roux; she is their only daughter for now as of 2022.

She was born on 4 December 2020, she will clock two years old as of 2022, and both parents will mark another milestone for their adorable daughter.

Both parents are doing everything possible for their daughter despite their busy schedules.

Becky Lynch Income

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is one of the highest-earning female wrestlers who make $3,000,000 million as an income.

She is one of the most famous wrestlers who have remained consistent over the years till today.

She also earns from her other acting job, where she has starred in many movies, mainly for the WWE Universe.

Her success over the years has earned many fans who keep rising despite her being a heel.

Becky Lynch estimated net worth is about $5,000,000 million, which is coming from wrestling.

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