Sofía Toache Bio: Edson Alvarez Girlfriend

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Sofía Toache

Sofía Toache is a model, Instagram star, and the girlfriend of Mexico football player Edson Alvarez.

She has managed to live a successful life as a young woman who has done so much for herself despite her age.

Aside from being famous because of her relationship with her boyfriend, she has also made a name for herself.

Sofía Toache Biography

Sofía Toache

She was born on October 25, 1998, in Mexico, but no exact location is known except the country.

Sofía Toache will be 24 years old as of October 2022 which is when she will be celebrated for turning a year older.

Her growing up wasn’t that made public things as most details have been kept on the low with just a few let out.

Information about the names of her parents is one of those details that she hasn’t revealed at any point.

Despite many sources trying to dig in, they have always come up with nothing to be said or written about her parents.

Although we did understand her growing up wasn’t that messed up as her parents did more than enough.

Also, information about how many siblings she grew up with hasn’t been shared with the public.

For someone with an active online presence, it’s just somehow to know it isn’t much known about her childhood.

Her educational life is also another story but it was gathered she did have an impressive education growing up.

Her growing up saw her made it through the ranks of a local High School which was in Mexico.

She was a good student who had so much encouragement from her parents during her younger age.

Sofía Toache did attend the Autonomous University of Mexico where she bagged a degree, but due to lack of information, nothing is known about that.

So much was accomplished by her as a brilliant student which she has put to good use in her future plans.

She excelled through her education with flying colors before deciding to take on the real world after finishing her education.

Her parents supports went in a long in her early days which saw her getting most of the good things in life as a younger lady.

Sofía Career 

Sofía Career

Sofía Toache is a renowned model who has an incredible career which she started at a very young age.

It all started when she was still a college student tackling issues with payment and other stuff.

She got her first gig shooting for covers at that age while being desperate for a source of income.

Although it was a local gig that was just small for her, she managed to get a lot from the job as of then.

Her stunning looks and photogenic body helped out a standout amongst others who were in the same line of jobs.

That helped her gain popularity all over Mexico putting her on the map as one of the best models.

Her biggest job was with Pablo Sanchez, who is a well-known photographer and figure from her country.

She took her amazing look to social media where she has been getting a lot of attention.

Her followers have over the years increased tremendously with her sharing adorable photos.

Most of her post is about her lifestyle and activities, from gym photos to outings and others.

Her popularity has already alerted top brands who will be looking to work with her.

Sofía Children

Sofía Children

Sofía Toache has just one child which is a daughter given birth to her boyfriend who plays for Ajax.

She welcomed her daughter on October 23, 2019, named Valentina Alvarez who is her only child.

Her daughter will be 3 years old when it clocks October 23rd in 2022 when her birthday will be celebrated by the family.

On the birth of their child, Edson Alvarez was quick to announce on his social media welcoming his first baby.

At that point, it wasn’t so good for the baby mama who couldn’t enter the Netherlands due to certain laws.

She had to stay back in London with her daughter until the football player could come to see them.

Their daughter has been a huge part of their life and they should be planning on getting another baby soon.

Edson Alvarez Girlfriend

Edson Alvarez Girlfriend

Sofía Toache is the girlfriend of Mexico international and Ajax football club player Edson Alvarez.

Their relationship hasn’t been that long but it has been good enough to last and still going strong.

It was a love tale which many people will admire so much as they started as teenagers.

Getting to know each other and then falling in love instantly despite all odds against them, they still kept it going.

So much can be said about them getting to met for the first time before deciding on taking things serious.

They got to know themselves for the first time in 2018, which was along that period things started shaping out for the duo.

Things carried on with their closeness getting more often before they opened up on their feelings to one another.

That was how they started dating and see together in the open on many occasions leading to official confirmation.

Things weren’t that smooth at first as her age and the players played a huge part in almost separating them.

When Edson Alvarez moved to the Netherlands signing with Ajax, Sofía Toache couldn’t go with him because she was a minor.

Certain laws prohibit such relationships at a young age in that part of the world.

Things weren’t good between them as the distance almost ruined what was going well for them.

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It all passed and she became an adult and later moved in with him, during that time she already had their baby.

She has been a huge part of her boyfriend’s career as many times she watch him play in the Stadium.

Their connection is just too strong and they are now working on their small family which we expect to increase.

Although they are both yet to be married, it hasn’t stopped them from loving themselves so much and living together.

Sofía Toache has continued to prove how much Edson Alvarez is by making matching tattoos and spending quality time together.

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