Silvia Fortini Bio: Roberto Mancini Wife

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Silvia Fortini

Silvia Fortini is the beautiful wife of Italian professional football coach Roberto Mancini.

The couple first met five years ago and fell in love instantaneously.

After dating for two years, they decided to get married. Although Silvia is Roberto’s first love, she isn’t the only one.

Former wife Federica Morelli was the Italian manager’s first wife. In the 1980s, the two began dating and appeared happy whenever they appeared in public.

They were even parents to three children. Federica gave birth to their first son in 1990, their second son two years later, and their third daughter seven years later.

Their teamwork and understanding appeared to be flawless until it all broke apart.

Fans were shocked to learn of their marital dispute. In 2015, various Italian news outlets began reporting about the rift between the couple.

The couple got a divorce one year later. In the same year, Mancini met his present wife.

Silvia, the wife of Roberto Mancini, is the head of a prestigious Rome legal company.

She is a fascinating woman, and you’ll learn a lot about her in the following story.

Mancini was one of the greatest players of his period and a true innovator.

He became well-known not only as a wonderful player but also as a gifted coach in the game of football. He was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

Reviving Italian football, Mancini led his squad to new heights.

Mancini led Italy to new heights at Euro 2020.

Silvia Fortini Biography

Silvia Fortini

She is 44 years old. Silvia Fortini was born in 1978. We were unable to discover her precise date of birth.

Since Silvia Fortini was born in Rome, Italy, she was born Italian.

She was raised in a loving home by her parents, who always had her back.

There is no information on Silvia’s family that she has shared.

As far as we know, there are no further children in Silvia’s family.

There is no doubt that She was a top student in her class at the high school she attended back home in Italy.

She was an exceptional student since she always had a strong desire to learn.

Silvia went to university immediately after graduating from high school, majoring in Law.

With her master’s degree, she received her diploma successfully.

Fortini Career


Silvia Fortini is a well-known lawyer in Rome, and she has her law firm.

She founded The Fortini Law Firm. Roberto and Silvia would never have met if it weren’t for her work.

Silvia first met Roberto Mancini in 2009, when she worked as an assistant to him.

As far as social media goes, Silvia is very old-fashioned and doesn’t use it very much.

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It’s not like she has accounts on any of the most well-known ones.

Her work at the law firm takes up a lot of time. She spends the little free time possible with her family.

Roberto Mancini Wife

Roberto Mancini Wife

Silvia Fortini is still the wife of Roberto Mancini today. Roberto Mancini met Silvia Fortini on the job.

In 2009, Mancini sought the counsel of Silvia’s firm when he needed legal representation.

That is when the two learned a great deal about one another.

Following his divorce, Mancini began seeing Silvia and discovered that they might be a match made in heaven. They spent the following two years getting to know one another before tying the knot in 2018.

The couple is still together, and they worked out the difficulty of their respective jobs as a coach and lawyer.

All three of Mancini’s former marriage’s children have a positive relationship with Silvia.

In Italy, Roberto Mancini became famous because of how well he played as a football player. In the beginning, he played football for Bologna.

He had some good starts, but he couldn’t keep up the good work in the early years. However, when Sampdoria signed him, his life changed significantly.

That match, however, was won by the Barcelona “dream team.” Ronald Koeman scored a free-kick goal to win the game for them. It didn’t work out for Mancini when he went to Lazio and Leicester City after that.

He didn’t have the same success as he did at Sampdoria.

Silvia Fortini is a person who works for a company that makes cars.

Mancini isn’t just famous because he was a great player. After he retired from playing football, the Italian decided to become a coach.

Finally, the experiment worked out. We saw Mancini’s teams do things that made us go “wow.” After having a good run as a manager in Italy, Manchester City tried to find him.

People in the city were excited about developing the club and fighting for trophies after the Arabi takeover. Roberto Mancini was the best person to do that.

It took him four years to build the team from scratch. In the 2011/12 season, the Citizens did something that many people couldn’t even dream of.

They took the title from their city rival, Manchester United, in a way that made history.

It’s been a long time since Mancini did a great job with the Italian national team. The Azzurri were having a hard time competing with their European rivals.

However, Mancini did the work. They won the Euros in 2021 when they put in some heroic performance.

When Roberto was a player and a manager, he gained a lot of fame. There are still many things we don’t know about his wife, Silvia.

Silvia Fortini Net Worth

Silvia Fortini Net Worth

She has a net worth of $5 million. Silvia earns enough as a lawyer for financial institutions.

She remains in a good marriage with Roberto Mancini and gets some good jobs through recommendations.

Silvia Fortini now works as a lawyer and takes care of the Mancini family.

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