Romarey Ventura Bio Age: Jordi Alba Wife

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Romarey Ventura

Romarey Ventura is a model, Instagram star, and the wife of Spain defender Jordi Alba.

She is a top fashion icon in Spain as she has worked so much to make a name for herself in the industry.

She is a mother and adorable wife to her husband, who ensures the family is well provided for to date.

Romarey Ventura Biography

Romarey Ventura

She was born 10th of May, 1991, in Barcelona, Spain, where she has lived from her younger age until today.

Romarey Ventura’s parents are both from Spain, and they are well-known figures in their community who is hardworking and generous to people.

She is 31 years old as of May 2022, when she marks her birthday by celebrating with family.

Her father’s name is Joaquin Ventura, a hardworking man who is into business for a living.

While her mother’s name is Isabella Ventura, and she is a homemaker in Barcelona, where she and her husband are from.

Both parents did everything to provide for their small family, who never lacked despite how things weren’t too good for them.

It was a fantastic childhood for Romarey, who had so much love and support from her parent, who was always available to put her on the right path.

She is not the only child of the family; she has a younger sister who they both did their growing up together as the only children in the family.

Her name is Savannah Ventura, and she and her elder sister have a close connection with each other during their younger age.

It was a good feeling knowing they both had each other to look for when they were still young, as that helped keep them together till today.

Their family has a tradition in which they all make time to celebrate holidays together, and it is still going on despite them having already grown up.

Romarey Education

Romarey Education

Romarey Ventura had an excellent education when growing up as she did attend local schools close to her hometown.

She had one of the best educations that her parents made sure of that despite them not being able to afford top prestige schools in their time.

She was a good student who pushed herself more to achieve good grades, and thanks to the support of her parents, it wasn’t that hard to work for her.

Her extra curriculum activities were a minor distraction, but she was always determined to know and learn more to improve during her younger age.

She started her education attending St. Peter’s School, where she did her basic studies until she grew up to move on.

Romarey Ventura also studies tourism at the University of Spain, where she got her degree which she has applied to make her career flourish in the real world.

During her time studying, she was also fixated on other activities which she had to do to keep herself busy during the holidays.

It all paid off as she graduated with a degree and also has knowledge in other ventures she is into as of today.

Romarey Career

Romarey Career

Romarey Ventura has many career paths, including being a model and Instagram star.

She has also ventured into business, just like her father, who is a businessman in the profession during her younger age.

Her name is well known all over Europe as an established model who has linked up with many top brands from that Continent.

She amassed so much fame when she started dating Barcelona football player Jordi Alba after getting to meet him.

That helped her career hit the next level, which she has always wanted as a career woman trying to make her name known.

Romarey Ventura has been a face for top organizations, brands, and companies she has worked with over the years to today.

Her most profitable jobs have been the ones she did with Lastly and her very own fashion line Valeria Savannah, which is a joy for her.

She has also ventured further into the tech world by launching her shopping application named 21 buttons.

Her career is just something many young ladies are looking for, as her achievements speak for themselves.

She has made a life for herself despite being so young and still working toward achieving more heights in her career.

Jordi Alba Wife

Jordi Alba Wife

Romarey Ventura is the wife of Spain International football player Jordi Alba.

Their meeting was by fate, and it indeed was the best thing to ever happen to them getting to know each other on that faithful day.

It has been a blessing to the couple who have had and created so many memories with themselves.

They met each other back in 2015, which was a day they actually can’t remember because there was nothing serious after their first meeting.

So they had to see more than one occasion before deciding to become close friends, and their communication grew stronger.

They both decided to try going out on a couple of dates which ended up making their relationship public.

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They were since seen attending places together whole Romarey came to a couple of games to watch him play for Barcelona.

Their relationship is still growing strong, and it is a matter of time before they decide to walk down the aisle and exchange vows.

The couple is already building their family from the ground with a baby.

They have two children together who are still young and under their mother, who gets to be with them more based on their father’s busy time.

In 2018, their first child was born named Piero Alba Ventura and should be four years old already in 2022.

They had their second child named Bruna in 2020 which has been a blessing to them, and they are still going strong.

Romarey Ventura and Jordi Alba are set to walk down the aisle as they recently had their bridal shower, which was made public by the wife-to-be.

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