Adriana Fossa Bio: Paolo Maldini Wife

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Adriana Fossa

Adriana Fossa is an actress, businesswoman, and wife of Legendary ex-footballer Paolo Maldini.

She was also once a model who graced so many covers of top brands in Italy and over the world.

She is a blessed career woman, an amazing mother to her children, and in all the best wife to her husband.

Adriana Fossa Biography

Adriana Fossa

She was born on June 6, 1968, in Caracas, Venezuela where she did most of her growing up as a child.

Adriana Fossa had things work out fine growing up under her parents who were dedicated people to their children.

She will clock 54 years old when it gets to June which is the day made special for her birthday celebration with her family.

Adriana Fossa comes from a wealthy and well-known family in Venezuela and their name is a trademark all over the country.

The names of her parents are Stefano Fossa who is her father and a renowned entrepreneur.

While her mother Dianora Blanco is from a family well known and important in her hometown and country.

Her parents worked so overwhelmingly to procure for their family despite the command their names had in their country at then.

Concerning Adriana’s siblings, there isn’t any information made public about them as she hasn’t talked about their existence.

And it is not something bad as most of these well-known figures do everything possible to keep their private life off the media.

Although not all of them have been that successful in making such happen as they are asked on many occasions and during interviews.

Only a few have the mind to turn down such a question while others try to drop a few details as they can to move on from the question.

For her, she hasn’t dropped any details making it known if she is the only child of her family or if there are more siblings to be known.

Adriana Education

Adriana Education

Adriana Fossa had good education while growing up under her parents who made sure everything is provided in the process.

She was known to be one of the best students from an early age based on how she performed in her studies.

The pattern carried on for some time with her parents also with her supporting and making sure she go through that path for her future sake.

She did attend her age grade and high school in Venezuela which was a place she spent all her childhood with her family.

That was the only information gathered about her education as nothing was said if she furthered through University for a degree.

During those times she has always had a passion for going into modeling as a young lady.

That might have been something she opted for instead of pushing on with her education at the University.

But in all she did had an incredible education while growing up as that helped her navigate life much better.

There are also ventures she involved herself with which only someone with good education can make happen.

Adriana Children

Adriana Children

Adriana Fossa is a proud mother of two children named Christian and Daniel Maldini.

Both of her children are doing so well for themselves and that alone is so much joy for their mother.

The two children are both boys who have just a few years difference between them and they are the only ones in the family.

Adriana Fossa had both of them with her husband Paolo Maldini who is the biological father of her sons.

They both had their first son on June 14, 1996, which was a day of joy for both parents giving birth to their first baby together.

They took to social media to announce the birth of Christian Maldini who is expected to be 26 years old as of 2022.

While on October 11, 2001, their second son was born named Daniel Maldini who is the last of the family.

He will be 21 years old as of October 2022 which is the day of his birthday celebration.

Both children took after their father in following a future as a football players and they are also making progress.

They have both played for the AC Milan youth team which was where it all started for their respective careers.

Although Daniel is still with Milan after making his senior appearance in 2020 and since then has been part of the team to date.

While Christian is playing with Serie C side Pro Sesto as a defender wearing the number 3 shirt.

Both children have a career going for them in football but are yet to be seen if they will achieve close to their father or go beyond.

Paolo Maldini Wife

Paolo Maldini Wife

Adriana Fossa is the wife of retired Italy International football Legend Paolo Maldini.

They have been married for a long time and blessed with two sons who have been a huge blessing to their life journey.

Just like every other relationship, theirs started at a younger age when they met each other and fell in love.

Their first meeting was in a nightclub back in the year 1987 where they exchanged contacts and got to know better.

They saw each other as often as possible knowing they both had something going on with their respective careers.

It wasn’t long before they took things forward by making their relationship a public affair which both of them were spotted together on occasions and outings.

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There are claims that Adriana Fossa once dated Barcelona and Spain footballer Xavi Hernandez who is now the club manager.

Although there isn’t much information on that relationship like the one she shared with her husband overpowered that to be a big deal.

The couple got engaged and got married in 1994 which was the biggest day of their lives hosting a lavish party attended by many names and families.

Pictures of them getting married were cherished by the couple who often time post the picture in honor of their wedding anniversary.

Adriana Fossa and Paolo Maldini have been together for 35 years since they started dating which has been a blessing for both of them.

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