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Katy Kellner

Katy Kellner is a gym instructor and the supposed to be the wife of former American football player Shannon Sharpe.

The American educationists and fitness coach has worked with so many top celebrities who come to her gym house.

She also was back then a school teacher, a job which she did for some time before deciding to become a gym instructor.

Katy Kellner Biography

Katy Kellner

She was born on April 22, 1981, in Seneca, North Carolina in the United States of America where she has been most of her life.

Katy Kellner will clock 41 years of age when it hit April 22 which is the date for her birthday which has been a tradition for her.

She is of mixed heritage of American and also shares a Caucasian ethnicity so her whole family members.

Her childhood wasn’t that bad growing up with her parents who made sure she was well taken care of.

The name of her parents are, Chuck Kellner who is her father, and her mother named Judy Kellner.

They both were equally in the life of their daughter who they made sure had the best growing up.

She has one sibling named Jeff Kellner, who is her brother, but nothing is confirmed who is older than each other.

They both lived with their parents who had so much going for them as they ensure their kids did well with so much support.

Katy’s education as a child wasn’t revealed to the public despite severally searches nothing could be seen on them.

Although she did excel well while growing up studying and didn’t take a gap on a jump in her education.

She was said to be schooled at Elmhurst College where she claimed her Bachelor of Arts degree back in 2003.

She also carried on further attending Troy University where she did her master’s in Instructional Technology In the year 2008.

Katy Career

Katy Career

Katy Kellner has venture into numerous stuff in her life career which started out as a public school teacher.

Her life began to unfold after getting done with her education she went into the search for a job.

She started out teaching in an institution named the Fulton County Public School where she spent over ten years doing the job.

Over the years she decided to make a shift in her job by becoming a fitness enthusiast she went fully into bodybuilding and fitness.

She made good of it by creating her own gym house named Thousand Oaks Gym shared alongside Marlon Bryd.

They both shared more than just a gym house together as they are both parents to their child.

That didn’t stop her from carrying on her career as after her birth she took forward by pushing into other ventures.

She is an accomplished woman on the field of her job which is compared to none doing the same trade as her.

Katy Children

Katy Children

She has been in quite a series of relationships which has seen her give birth to one child all through her years.

Katy Kellner gave birth to her first and only child named Jaden Charles Byrd which was surrendered with controversy as she was in another relationship with Shannon Sharpe.

She gave birth on December 7, 2018, which was made known to the public as the mother was filled with joy regardless of how things turned out.

The relationship with her baby daddy wasn’t that of a big deal as it didn’t push further with anything confirmed about it.

Their relationship remains the same as they share custody of their son with her already engaged and soon to be the wife of Luis Castillo.

She is committed and fully focused on creating a new life with her soon-to-be husband and her 3 years old child.

Their relationship has already led to them getting married to each other as of today 2022.

Their wedding was a low-key event that was celebrated with them by family and loved ones supporting them.

The name of her baby daddy is Marlon Byrd, who is also her co-worker and owner of their gym house despite her dating Shannon Sharpe at the same time.

Shannon Sharpe Wife

Shannon Sharpe Wife

Katy Kellner was engaged to former NFL player Shannon Sharpe who were both expected to get married.

They both started well after falling in love with each other during their first meeting which was at the gym house owned by her.

The couple squandered no moment in compelling their relationship public with them accompanying each other to numbers of events together.

They were said to have met in 2013 which was when things started getting serious between both them.

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Their relationship got serious and they decided to make it official by getting engaged to each other back in 2016.

It was a public affair in which they were inseparable attending parties and making an appearance together.

Things took a turn for them as Katy Kellner posted her pregnancy to the world only if she claimed the man responsible was his co-owner of their gym house.

The news traveled fast as many were quick to point out how could she be dating another man and getting pregnant for another.

Although after giving birth to her child she didn’t stay with the baby daddy as their relationship didn’t materialize into anything as their baby together.

Katy Kellner engagement with Shannon Sharpe was called off immediately as nothing was heard since then about the two together.

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