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Juanita Vanoy Bio Career Michael Jordan Ex-Wife

Juanita Vanoy is a real estate businessman and NBA legend Michael Jordan ex-wife.

She gained so much attention over the years for being the wife of the hall of Famer who had an amazing career.

Despite being under to shadow of her former husband, she also built a career for herself which took her to places.

Juanita Vanoy Biography

Juanita Vanoy

She was born on 13 June 1959 in Chicago, Illinois which is in the United States of America.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago wasn’t an easy life for Juanita Vanoy who push through everything thanks to her parents.

She is an American native, born and raised and she will be hitting 63rd years old as of June 13th, 2022.

The names of her parents are John Vanoy who is her father and Dorothy L. Vanoy her biological mother.

They all live together happy with so much support coming from the parents to their children.

Juanita has five siblings four are her older sisters and one younger sister is the last of the family.

The family consists of all females children whose parents gave equal love and support.

They all stayed together while growing up in Chicago, Illinois with their parents who weren’t that big deal.

She attended Christian Fencer High School where she did well with her education growing up while fashioning her career.

She went on to graduate with a degree from the American University before pushing on to her illustrious career.

Juanita Career

Juanita Career

She started her career as a model at a younger age while she was still studying as a teenager.

Juanita Vanoy didn’t push further in her career at an early age as her parents wanted her to focus more on her studies which she did.

After finishing school she started pushing for gigs in the whole of America just to make sure her name is on every agency list.

Her first big job came when she worked at the American Bar Association as a Secretary while also a model.

Things turned up big for her when she started dating her ex-husband Michael Jordan which made her famous.

She was also still doing her modeling job before later in life moving on to other ventures as she was getting older.

Her career took a turn with her moving into charitable organizations with her being the founder and chairman of a non-profit organization.

It was an organization owned by her and their ex-husband which was named Michael and Juanita Endowment fund.

Juanita Vanoy is also into the real estate business which is currently the most recent job in her career as nothing was heard ever since then.

Juanita Children

Juanita Children

She gave birth to five children who were all with her ex-husband Michael Jordan during their time together.

Their first son child together is named Jeffrey Michael Jordan born on 18th November 1988 just months after their wedding.

Their second child was another son which was named Marcus Jordan who was born in 1990 two years after their first.

The couple soon went on to welcome their third child which was a daughter 1992 named Jasmine.

Both of their sons made their move into basketball just like their father but didn’t go as far as he did during his active days.

Jeffrey is now working as a brand digital innovator for their family company called the Jordan brand.

He is married to his beautiful wife named Radina Aneva, while his younger brother Marcus played basketball in high school and college.

He later quit and started a shoe brand for himself which he owned a store at Disney World in Florida.

Although he no longer owns a store as he is only making his sales online and is doing well for himself.

While their daughter Jasmine is a mother of one working with the Nike Jordan brand and also works for the Hornets, a team owned by his father.

Juanita Vanoy is blessed to have all her children in her life and didn’t push to have more despite going into other relationships after her ex.

Juanita Scandal

Juanita Scandal

Juanita Vanoy was hit with so much scandal at an early age which also was able her family.

Her marriage hit an ugly end which saw her $168 million settlement from her ex-husband hit with so much controversy.

It wasn’t a good one as she had to face many battles with the press and media hitting her from any possible opportunity they get.

It got worst that her daughter Jasmine was dragged for being a lesbian, although she is yet to clear out about her sexuality.

There were also reports which made headlines during her messy divorce with Michael Jordan in 2006.

It was claimed she had an ongoing relationship with music artist Key Reynolds which was said to be happening since 2006.

Nothing was later confirmed by her as different dramas followed all through life after their divorce from their ex-husband.

Michael Jordan Ex-Wife

Michael Jordan Ex-Wife

Juanita Vanoy is the ex-wife of Championships winner and NBA hall of fame legend Michael Jordan.

Their relationship together was amazing during the early times which was filled with so much media presence.

They both met each other back in 1984 at a restaurant in Chicago where they were both introduced by friends.

After their first meeting, the two of them met for the second time during a friend’s party before deciding to hang out with each other.

Their love started well with both falling in love with each other while they took things to the next level by making public appearances.

They got engaged at first on December 31st, 1987 which was new year’s even for 1988 with them together at a fish marketplace in Chicago.

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Unfortunately, everything was called off by them as they weren’t ready yet, but things took a turn as Juanita got pregnant.

It wasn’t a new meant to be taken easily by the then NBA superstar who argued until everything was resolved between them.

Things got serious with them getting married on 2nd September 1989 in Las Vegas by 3 am.

It was a low-key marriage which they both did together as they were so in love and couldn’t wait to make it official.

It was going well after their wedding with them giving birth to several children whole Jordan’s career was booming.

Things got messy in 2002 when Juanita filed for divorce after years of being married, but they settled things and got back together.

It wasn’t meant to be as they could only stay together until December 29th, 2006 when their divorce was made official as they parted ways with six children involved.

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan both moved on living a separate life with them equally involved in the life of their children.

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