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Camryn Alexis Paul

Camryn Alexis Paul is the daughter of legendary basketball superstar play Chris Paul.

She is a young child already making a name for herself from some of her public appearances made with her father.

Just like other NBA players who have made public appearances with their kids, Camryn is one of those privileged to have such a spotlight.

Camryn Alexis Paul Biography

Camryn Alexis Paul

She was born on the 16th of August 2012 in Los Angeles, California which is in the United States of America.

Camryn Alexis Paul is blessed to be born into a lovely home in which everything is made available thanks to her father.

She will be 10 years old as of August 16th, 2022 which is when she will hit another age in her life.

Her birthdays have always been special ones celebrated by her with family and loved ones once they all come together.

She was born to her parents, Chris Paul an NBA player who is the father, and her mother Jada Crawley who is an entrepreneur and fashion designer.

Both of her parents are doing well in their respective careers which enables them to give their children the best life they could ever wish for.

Camryn is one of the most celebrities daughters in the United States of America.

She has an older brother named Christopher Emmanuel Paul who is following in their father’s footsteps to become a professional basketball player.

He is currently 13 years old as of 2022 and already doing good for himself with the help of his father pushing up on the right path.

Both kids are loved equally by their parents who waste no time in showing them to the public as he saw with their father in most interviews.

There isn’t much about her released to the media as she is still a young child growing up with her parents.

Although her parents already have a plan for her she also involves her going to school for now.

She has the full support of her parents who are there to provide what she needs to make sure her career path is set up with a good foundation.

Despite being so young, she is already gaining massive fame which is expected to see her make good use of that when she is of age.

Camryn Family

Camryn Family

Camryn Alexis Paul comes from a long family line of sportsmen and women from her grandfather to her father.

Her grandfather named Charles Edward started as an American football player at an early age.

He was also an assistant basketball coach bell was with the staff of his son Chris during his early career.

Charles was the assistant coach of West Forsyth where Chris his son played during his Junior and Senior year.

Camryn also has an uncle named C.J Paul well-known known former basketball player.

He is the elder brother of Chris Paul who is her father currently playing active basketball with the Phoenix Suns.

Charles Edward Paul Jr did have sometimes time in his career which got went that far as he retired at an earl for reasons unknown.

Chris Paul Daughter

Chris Paul Daughter

Camryn Alexis Paul is the beautiful daughter of Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul.

The bond between father and daughter is strong as she has made many appearances supporting her dad during his games.

So as the whole family finds time to watch games whenever Chris Paul is playing any match during the season.

It has been a good career so far for the Phoenix Suns player who started at a young age playing basketball.

During his education, he was also busy pushing his career which saw him go on to become one of the best in the game to date.

His father and elder brother played a huge part in getting him to where he is today and is still active.

Being coached by his father and also playing alongside his brother during college saw him develop more love and understanding of the game.

His rise started from his days at Wake Forest University’s basketball team which saw him building on that experience till today in his career.

Despite starting a family of his own, he still carries so much responsibility for making sure he stays consistent.

Camryn Alexis Paul is amongst the inspiration to their father Chris Paul consistently playing as they are there giving him the support.

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