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Azurie Elizabeth Irving Bio Age Kyrie Irving Daughter

Azurie Elizabeth Irving is an American child celebrity and the daughter of NBA superstar Kyrie Irving.

There are always stars in the making, and she’s a star that inherits whatever it is their predecessor has got.

She has been put into the spotlight through her father and she is doing good as a kid aspiring to be something in life.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving Biography

Azurie Elizabeth Irving

She was born on November 23, 2015, in Dallas, Texas which is in the United States of America.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving will clock 7 years old on the 23rd of November as of the year 2022 which is when all her birthdays take place.

The names of her parents are Kyrie Irving her father a popularly known sportsman.

And her mother Andrea Wilson is a former beauty pageant queen and a model.

Both of her parents decided to name their daughter after Kyrie’s mother who passed away a long time ago in 1996.

Her parents are devoted Christian who takes the word of God seriously despite their busy schedule working.

Although our parents aren’t together anymore as Kyrie Irving moved on with his life and now dating Marlene Wilkerson.

She is known to be a jovial, lovely, and highly intelligent young girl who is highly revered by her parents.

Her growing up is coming up good as she might be just like her father trying to become a women’s basketball player in the future.

Or follow the footsteps of her mother of being a model and Tv star which is common for most celebrity children.

She is not the only child of her family as she does have a half-brother who is equally loved by both parents.

Her baby brother was born to his father’s current girlfriend and they all live together as a family.

Nothing much has been made public about Azurie’s education as she’s still young and probably still being homeschooled.

Although her parent would have already placed an application which should get her going to school or already has that going.

So many expectations are expected of her with many predicting her to follow the same as her father to becoming a professional basketball player.

Azurie Age

Azurie Age

Azurie Elizabeth Irving will clock 7 years old on November 23rd, 2022 knowing she was born in 2015.

Her birthday has always been something special celebrated by her family including her mother.

She’s the oldest of the family and sometimes most people mistake her for Kyrie Irving’s younger sister born in 2008.

There have been many videos on YouTube claiming London to be Azurie, but many know how old she is.

She is of Scorpio sign which is one of the best people on planet earth who are loyal and trustworthy.

Azurie Family

Azurie Family

Azurie Elizabeth Irving comes from a family line of incredible sportsmen and women who have to partake in every sporting activity

Her father is a popular NBA player who plays for Brooklyn Nets and plays as a point guard.

He is one of the names that has been making headlines for a decade and he is still going strong every season.

Drederick Irving who is Azurie’s grandfather was also a basketball player during his younger age.

He played for Bulleen Boomers which is in Australia, and he did well enough pursuing his career before retirement.

He also used to be a basketball coach in New Jersey which he did for a while before making way from the sport.

Her grandmother Elizabeth Irving was also a sportswoman who played volleyball at Boston University at an early age.

She is late with her death being confirmed to have happened way back in 1996.

Her Auntie London Irving is an active Women’s basketball player who is still pushing to become a professional.

The whole family is filled with sportsmen and women who know the in and out of the game except for Kyrie’s older Sister Asia who didn’t follow the same path.

It won’t be a surprise if Azurie Elizabeth Irving followed the same step into becoming a sportswoman by profession.

Kyrie Irving Daughter

Kyrie Irving Daughter

Azurie Elizabeth Irving is the daughter of a popular basketball superstar player Kyrie Irving.

She has made many public appearances with her father and also has watched him play on different occasions.

Her father is not only known for his prowess in the basketball game but also for the tenacity with which he displays his passion on the basketball court.

The popular basketball player, Kyrie Irving’s achievements, journey, and career as a basketballer is no longer news to our ears.

He has at the least achieved, even more, still achieving his dreams as an active player as of 2022.

He was born on the 23rd of March 1992, in Melbourne, Australia to his parents who later moved to the US.

Kyrie Andrew Irving was given birth to Elizabeth Irving and Drederick Irving who are both his parent, but his mother died when he was just four years old.

He has two siblings from different mothers named Asia his elder sister and younger sisters are called London.

Their mother Elizabeth didn’t have much impact on two of her children’s lives as she died at a very young age leaving them.

Despite her having little or no impact on Kyrie since he was only four years old when she died.

The NBA player still takes her so dearly that he named his daughter after her and also his shoe line has the initials of his late mother.

He decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Drederick in his fifth grade by becoming a basketball player.

In fifth grade, Kyrie received a scholarship to Boston University and played for the Amateur Athletic Union as a teenager.

Since then he has gone from grass to grace making him one of the biggest names in the NBA.

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Aside from being a good player, he has a great bond with his daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving who is one of the biggest joys in his life.

Dealing with Andrea Wilson wasn’t an easy journey as their relationship was hit with so much controversy.

Dating a white lady and getting her pregnant was one of the biggest news of then.

Unfortunately, with so much going on during their relationship, both of them had to break things off before the birth of their baby girl.

Despite their broken relationship, they are still equal in the life of their daughter but the father has full custody.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving has lived almost all her life with her father Kyrie Irving who has so much love for his daughter.

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