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Amelia Ossa Llorente Bio: Lucas Hernandez Wife

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Amelia Ossa Llorente

Amelia Ossa Llorente is the stunning wife of Bayern Munich player Lucas Hernandez.

The life tale of the stunning Spanish model is quite fascinating.

She graduated from a provincial university in France.

According to some web sources, she is a cosmetologist.

Ossa has been working in the beauty sector for a long time and has built a reputation for herself. Nevertheless, she is most recognized as Lucas Hernandez’s wife.

After the domestic violence incident with Lucas in 2017, Amelia’s popularity skyrocketed.

They were reunited and married not long after that.

She is currently a celebrity wife and mom. She and her footballer husband, Lucas, have a son named Martin.

We’re going to take a look at Amelia’s life today, and we’ll learn about her career, wealth, relationships, and other fascinating details.

Amelia Ossa Llorente

Before we get started, let’s look at Lucas Hernandez’s personal life.

After starting his career with Atletico Madrid as a teenager, the current French international rose through the ranks.

His chance to play for the senior team came in 2014-15, and he made the most of it, earning a permanent spot in the starting lineup.

The defender lived in Madrid until 2018/19, and it was there that he met the love of his life.

He’s currently a player for Bayern Munich in Germany’s elite league.

Even though the 25-year-old actor was forced to relocate to Germany for his job, his stunning wife still enjoys visiting Spain to spend time together.

Amelia Ossa Llorente Biography

Amelia Ossa Llorente

She was born on August 12, 1987. Her husband, Lucas Hernandez, is nine years older.

She is approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs between 55 and 60 kilograms (121 lbs – 132 lbs).

Amelia Ossa Llorente is a dark-haired woman with dark eyes. She has many tattoos on her body, including ones on her wrist and lower back.

She takes excellent care of her body and incorporates exercise into her everyday routine.

Amelia also follows a healthy balanced diet that covers all of the macronutrients her body requires.

According to her birth date, Amelia Ossa Llorente is a Leo, making her a devoted, upbeat, and truthful woman.

In general, those born under the zodiac sign Leo have all the leadership qualities necessary to succeed as a manager or leader.

Sometimes, they can be arrogant and self-absorbed; this is one of their flaws.

She was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, a naturalized Spanish citizen.

Amelia maintains a strict level of secrecy regarding her private life, and she has made no mention of her parents.

She may or may not have siblings.

Whether she is the sole child or part of a family is a mystery.

She is a high school graduate from her village in Spain, was an excellent student and graduated on time.

As a lifelong learner, Amelia jumped at the opportunity to continue her education beyond high school.

We’re still trying to learn more about her education, but her major is still a mystery.

As previously said, Amelia Ossa Llorente prefers to keep her personal and professional lives private.

Thus, we could not learn where she spends her free time when she is not with her family.

However, her Instagram account shows that she prefers to spend time with intimate friends and family. It’s possible, but we can’t confirm that she’s a housewife.

Lucas Hernandez Wife

Lucas Hernandez Wife

Amelia Ossa Llorente is the happily married wife of Lucas Hernandez.

She and Lucas have been through a lot of ups and downs. They always found a way to get back together, even while separated.

In the wake of Lucas’ World Cup triumph in 2018, it seemed clear that the Bayern Munich defender’s popularity in his native Brazil would continue to soar.

Although the central defender is only 25, you’d be surprised to learn that he’s been through many situations.

Amelia Ossa, his lovely wife, is only known to many people.

You may, of course, have a glimpse at her Instagram account, but it will only give you a general indication of where she is at any given time.

Amelia Ossa Llorente first met Lucas when he was Atletico Madrid’s first team member.

After their first encounter, the couple began dating and quickly realized they had a unique chemistry.

In 2017, their relationship took an unexpected turn when the Bayern Munich player was handed a restraining order of 500 meters by the Spanish court for abusive conduct with his woman.

According to the reports, Lucas Hernandez was unable to control himself after an argument, and they got into a brawl on the streets of Madrid.

However, their relationship only improved from that point forward.

Family and close friends only attended their discreet wedding after the restraining order was lifted a few months later.

As a result, the Bayern Munich player was jailed for violating the restraining order in June 2017 when he flew to Miami to spend his honeymoon.

Lucas was sentenced to prison for six months in 2019.

There were a lot of debates about what appeared to be a minor argument between these two gorgeous people. However, the events only strengthened their love.

They welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2018. In the last few years, their son has been the source of their happiness.

Llorente Instagram

Amelia Instagram

A real Instagram celebrity, Amelia Llorente, has lots of followers. She has over 100,000 followers.

Among the celebrities who follow her are WAGs like Thiago Alcantara’s wife, Julia Vigas.

Amelia’s Instagram feed is dominated by pictures of her adorable baby, Lucas, and romantic selfies between the two of them.

She goes by the Instagram handle of @AmeliaLorente. You can follow her on the platform.

Amelia Ossa llorente Net Worth

Amelia Ossa Llorente Net Worth

The current status of Amelia Ossa Llorente’s net worth is being investigated, so check back soon for any updates.

Since we don’t know Amelia’s job, we can’t verify stories that suggest her net worth ranges from $1 million to $3 million.

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On the other side, Lucas Hernandez has a sizable fortune, expected of a player of his caliber.

According to recent reports, Hernandez is worth an estimated €68 million ($80.5 million).

Lucas Hernandez is one of Bayern Munich’s highest-paid players, with an annual salary of roughly €13 million and a weekly income of €250,000.

Amelia Ossa Llorente is now working on developing and keeping her family together.

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