Michael Oher Wife: Tiffany Michelle Roy Bio

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Tiffany Michelle Roy

Tiffany Michelle Roy is a businesswoman and the wife of former NFL player Michael Oher.

Michael Oher Wife, Tifanny has been a good and supportive wife despite being the kind who stays off the cameras.

Her involvement with her husband has been tremendous just like her personal life over the years.

Tiffany Michelle Roy Biography

Tiffany Michelle Roy

She was born in 1982, in Lansing, Michigan United States of America where both of her parents are from.

Her growing up was so much filled with attention and support from her parents who were the best to her.

She is of African American descent and currently 40 years, but not much has been released about her.

Tiffany Michelle Roy is the kind of celebrity wife who is secretive about her personal life.

Nothing much can be confirmed about her as everything seems to be restricted as of now.

She is also a mother of one child whose name is yet to be revealed over the years despite several digging from the media.

Tiffany Career

She is known to be a businesswoman who also runs an organization alongside her husband.

Her life is like a hidden treasure to the public who have overtime again dig but ended up finding nothing.

Although we did some little digging of our own and manager to squeeze out some tinny details.

Tiffany Michelle Roy knew career for now is working as the vice president of Beat the Odds Inc.

It’s a non-profit organization that is run by her and spouse Michael Oher who is the president of everything.

Michael Oher Wife

Michael Oher Wife

Tiffany Michelle Roy is the happily married wife of retired NFL player Michael Oher.

Both of them have been dating for a very long time despite their connection being off the public eye.

The pair have been happily in love despite most of the time his wife has been kept as a secret.

Nobody can confirm when they got married but some pictures are all over the internet of them dressed in vintage wedding clothes.

There have been many controversies concerning her identity over the years which has led to much misinformation about their lives.

The name Tabitha Soren has been many times mistaken to be the wife of Michael Oher.

Tabitha is a popularly known New York City photographer who works in the United States of America.

The reports of her being the wife have been confirmed a lie, and she is married to her husband Michael Lewis.

The whole confusion was due to the reason that both the former NFL player and Tabitha’s husband have the same first name and they also worked together.

Michael Lewis is a writer and author who publisher who published a book for the NFL player.

The title of the book is ‘The Blind Side’ which the main career was Michael Oher but was only addressed by his first name.

This is where the whole confusion came from on Tiffany Michelle Roy’s real husband was.

Michael Career

Michael Career

He was born 28th of May, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee United States of America.

His growing up wasn’t a good one like other top stars due to the kind of parents who gave birth to him.

The name of his parents is Denise Oher’s mother and father Michael Jerome Williams who were both absent.

His mother was a well-known addict who suffered from alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

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While his father was a troubled man who was locked up in the prison all his life leaving Michael Oher with no one to care for him.

They also have other 11 kids who they couldn’t care for at that time which wasn’t a good one as they all had to fend for themselves.

By the age of seven, he was placed in foster care due to how unfit his parents were taking care of him.

He was lucky when he got adopted by the Tuohy family who took him in, which was the turning point in his life.

His career fell in place when he was in college as he played for the University of Mississippi.

He later went on to sign a contract with Baltimore Ravens in 2009 to kick off his professional career.

The deal was one of the biggest which was estimated at $13.8 million and spanned five years.

His career blossomed over the years until he carried on playing before calling it to quit which he earned so much.

Tiffany Michelle Roy has always supported him both as a wife and a partner over the years of them being together.

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