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Anthony Mcclelland

Anthony Mcclelland is an ex-convict and the father of NBA superstar Lebron James.

He has been in and out of trouble all his life after abandoning the NBA star mother when she got pregnant.

He had nothing much to do with raising his child who is doing well enough for himself.

Anthony Mcclelland Biography

Anthony Mcclelland

He was born on November, 23rd 1972 in the United States of America where he did his growing up.

He attended Akron, Ohio High School with his then-girlfriend Gloria James who is the mother of Lebron.

Anthony Mcclelland was also a basketball player just like his son during his time in school growing up.

During his high school days, he got Gloria pregnant and abandon her at the age of 16 years.

He never came back or surfaced to make sure he provided for her until she gave birth to the child.

Later on, he was arrested for Arson and theft which also added to the reason he was absent throughout.

Things were still messy for him as he just going in and out of jail for many offenses which also couldn’t allow him to push his career.

There are many stories surrounding him which also include him being charged for identity fraud.

He may have stolen the identity of a certain Roland Givens who died in the 90s.

Anthony Mcclelland did try to rekindle with his son once in 2002 which didn’t work out for both of them as couldn’t build a relationship.

He also fathered another child with a different lady during his youth years and still abandoned him as he did to the other.

Aaron McClelland Gamble is the name of his second son who is almost identical to Lebron James.

But their relationship is also nothing to talk about as they are not close to each other.

There are also different stories about Anthony still being alive, but he might have been confirmed dead in 2007 with no original confirmation.

Lebron James Father

Lebron James Father

Anthony Mcclelland is the father of Lebron James who is a professional basketball player for the LA Lakers.

He didn’t have a close relationship with his father who dumped his mother after getting her pregnant at age 16.

He was born on the 30th of December 1984 in Akron Ohio where he did most of his growing up.

His mother Gloria James was the only person in his life since his growing up which wasn’t an easy one.

Growing wasn’t so bad with his mother doing everything possible to provide for him with the absence of his father.

He also wasn’t that sad for not growing up with him as that made him do better with his life decisions.

Life with his father was a positive and therapeutic influence according to him as that helped him so much.

There was a time his mom had to leave him under the care of his football coach Frank Walker at the age of nine years.

That was because life was very hard and she had no choice but to allow him to leave in a stable home.

LeBron James Career

Lebron James Career

It was the best decision as he introduced Lebron James to basketball which he started playing in the fifth grade.

He later played Amateur Athletic Union basketball which was where he started making a name for himself alongside his friends.

Their team the Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars enjoyed success all through with him leading the team.

He and his friends Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III, and Willie McGee all attended St. Vincent Mary High School, which was Catholic.

He grew from grace to grace during his youth days playing armature basket until he was drafted to play for Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013.

His first game saw him score 25 points against the Sacramento Kings which was a record for a rookie making his debut.

That season he was awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year which is he was the first to ever win such playing for the team.

Carried on making a name for himself as the best NBA player while winning titles with all his teams including his time with Maimi Heats.

Lebron James currently plays for LA Lakers where he already won the Championship with them under the few years he spent playing.

Anthony Mcclelland is now trying his best to live his life as a father and help the family.

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