Liv Cowherd Bio Age Colin Cowherd Daughter [2022 Update]

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Liv Cowherd

Liv Cowherd is a beautiful American model, social media celebrity, and the daughter of Sports reporter Colin Cowherd.

She is the only child of her father, Colin Cowherd.

Liv attained fame on her Twitter account when she made the famous remark about her modeling saying, “Y’all wtf,” in 2019.

She ranks among the list of the highest, most popular family member.

Her father, Colin’s growth and prominence in the media world, has helped build her social media presence.

Liv Cowherd Biography

Liv Cowherd

She was born in 2000 in Los Angeles, California, the USA, to her lovely parents, Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Ann Vadala.

Liv is now a student studying at Arizona State University. She currently lives with her father, Colin, and stepmother, Ann Cowherd.

Liv has not been the personality that talks so much about herself or her family, hence the little-known facts about her family relation.

She has a sibling but has never said anything about them on social media to fans that want to know more about her.

The Cowherd family does not entertain the public knowing too much about their family life, and they hardly share anything concerning them on social media.

Her father, Colin, keeps improving with the famous connection with ESPN, and FS1 would have little or not so much effect on Liv as she has also built a platform by which she is recognized and known.

Liv has amassed over 90,000 followers on her fast-growing Instagram account as a model and internet personality.

She is fond of creating costumes to highlight her dress sense and attract the media’s attention.

Some fans want to know Liv Cowherd’s age, and this is the answer; She is 21 years old.

Her Twitter handle grew due to one particular incident after a Twitter handler asserted she was from the street. Liv admitted that the comment wasn’t a new thing as she has been criticized on various occasions on social media due to her father’s fame.

The comment of being from the streets had led to the famous phrase “Y’all wtf,” which amassed over 2000 retweets and over 30,000 likes.

Liv decided to use this newly founded fame without her father’s influence and played the game to the people by creating costumes that spoke of belonging to the street on a particular Halloween. This furtherly improved her fan base.

Colin Cowherd Daughter


Colin Cowherd Daughter

Liv Cowherd is the daughter of American sports presenter Colin Cowherd.

Her father, Colin Cowherd, is the famous sports analyst, presenter, and father to fast-rising fashion entrepreneur, model, and online personality, Liv Cowherd.

He was born in 1964 in Aberdeen, Washington, to his parents, Charles and Patricia. His father was an optometrist.

He grew up with his sister, Marlene, in Grayland, Washington.

Charles and Patricia had divorced when Colin Cowherd and his sister were still young, where their mother single-handedly raised them.

He played football and was passionate about sport. He often sat on the rooftop to listen to baseball games on the radio and played for the school’s football team as a quarterback.

He played basketball as well. He became the team’s guard in the All-Far Conference.

He knew the current Central Michigan University football head coach as they were formerly roommates back then.

Colin earned his spot at first as the voice for the San Diego Padres, the subsidiary of Las Vegas Stars.

He went on to win Nevada’s Sportscaster of the Year five times just after he became a sporting director at KVBC in Las Vegas. At WTVT in Tampa, Florida, he was the weekend’s sports anchor from 1993 to 1995 before moving to Portland, Oregon.

At Portland, Colin was a sports reporter for KGW-TV.

Colin, during those times, was sealing his name as one of the best sportscasters around, and he soon got the afternoon spot on all-sports radio KFXX to the morning drive time.

Colin Cowherd Career

Colin Cowherd didn’t stop there; his vision led to his show; The Herd with Colin Cowherd, a Fox Sports Radio hosts syndicated chat radio show.

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The show was broadcast to ESPN Radio subs all over the USA and online at

His shows feature mainly sports news and sport analyst interviews and are mostly centered around the NFL, college football, and the NBA.

Liv Cowherd Net Worth

Liv Cowherd

She has a net worth of $50,000. Liv is rapidly growing into the world of arts and fashion and from it.

She has created her spot online, which people know, and it earns her enough revenue to have a luxurious lifestyle.

Liv Cowherd plans to grow her fan base on social media over the next few years.

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