Lars Mittank Bio, Video Footage, Found?

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Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank is a German man, and a Werder Bremen fan, who went missing in 2014 near Varna Airport in Bulgaria.

The news of his disappearance went viral in the news with so many people worried about him.

So many questions remain unanswered about what actually happened to Mittank.

Lars Mittank Bio

Lars Mittank

He was born to his lovely parents on February 9, 1986, in Berlin, Germany. He is now 34 years old today seven years since he disappeared.

Mittank is a German, and his parents are also from Germany.

On June 30, 2014, the 28-year-old traveled to Bulgaria with his friends for vacation. He is a fan of the football club, Werder Bremen.

He went out on a vacation at the Golden Sands resort, but got into a fight, and could not return back home with his friends.

He was last seen acting weird while in Bulgaria and later disappeared around Varna Airport.

Was Mittank Ever Found?

Mittank Photo

Lars Mittank has not been found since he disappeared six years ago while on vacation with his friends in Bulgaria.

He and his friends stayed at a resort named, Golden Sands outside of the city of Varna.

On a particular day, Mittank and friends started a serious argument with some football fans in town.

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Mittank is a fan of the German Bundesliga club, Werder Bremen and the other football fans supported Bayern Munich.

He left his friends at a restaurant, immediately leaving the bar, and disappeared throughout the night with no trace.

The next day, Mittank told his friends at the resort that he was beaten up by some men hired by the group, they had an agreement about Bayern Munich.

During the fight, Mittank was badly injured and went to see a doctor at the hospital nearby.

The doctor advised him not to fly back home with his friends due to the injury and prescribed him some drugs.

His friends wanted to miss their flight and stay with him to get better, but he told them he was fine alone.

Mittank and his friends left the resort at the same time, and he booked a room at the Hotel Color Varna.

A day after he went to the Hotel Color Varna, He started to act differently, which was visible from his behavior.

He was at the hotel for only one night and appeared scared and frightened.

Lars Mittank called his mother before leaving the hotel and said that he was scared for his life.

The last time Mittank was ever seen, was at the Varna Airport on July 8, 2014; the day he planned to fly back home to Germany.

He was speaking with the airport doctor about his injury, but a construction crew member interrupted them.

Mittank then stood up and left the doctor’s office, and returned to the main airport terminal.

Video Footage:

He was seen on the airport CCTV cameras running away from the terminal.

When he got out of the airport, Mittank climbed a fence and disappeared into the forest near a highway. He has remained missing ever since.

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