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Wanda Hutchins Bio Age Children Net Worth

Wanda Hutchins is a famous American businesswoman, Wanda Home Designs owner, decorator, and the ex-wife of former NFL player Michael Strahan.

She is the owner of her own interior design company called Wandaful Home Designs in the United States.

Wanda Hutchins Biography

Wanda Hutchins

She was born in Houston, Texas, in the USA, on January 1st, 1970. Wanda is now 50 years old as of 2021.

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and her weight is unknown.

There are little information about her childhood, family members, high school friends, or parents.

Hutchins is the owner of her own interior design company named Wanda Home Designs.

Wanda Home Designs offers the best furniture designs, interior designs, and home decorations.

She was previously the vice president of Strahan Global Outreach, a global non-profit organization that produces the best home furniture, home appliances, and customer service.

Wanda Hutchins Michael Strahan Ex-Wife

Wanda Hutchins Michael Strahan

Hutchins is the former wife of famous NFL Player Michael Strahan. They decided to get a divorce despite having children together.

Michael and Wanda met in the 1990s at a German soccer match. Strahan was a 17-year-old student at the German Mannheim Christian Academy.

They spoke for a while to know more about each other and later started dating.

He moved regularly between Germany and the United States so he could develop into a football player.

Texas Southern University offered Michael a good scholarship which he accepted and continued his relationship with Wanda.

At 20 years old, Wanda revealed that she was pregnant for Michael.

In 1992, Wanda and Michael Strahan decided to get married and welcome their first child that year.

She married Michael at the age of 22 years old, and the union did not last long.

After their marriage, the Strahan Couple decided to start a family in the USA.

Michael and Wanda became the parents of two lovely children. The first child is a daughter named Tanita Strahan, and the second child is a son named Michael Strahan Jr.

The couple’s marriage started having issues after Michael Strahan Jr was born.

A few months after their second child was born, the couple concluded and filed for divorce.

Some years later, Wanda revealed in an interview that she and Michael could not handle the responsibilities of being married.

She revealed that Michael sent her $2,500 per month for child support. The family lived together in a Texas mansion worth $163,000 purchased by Strahan.

On Instagram, She shares pictures and videos of her brand Wanda Home Designs jobs done.

However, Michael accused her of not being faithful to him during their marriage.

Since the divorce got completed, Wanda Hutchins has chosen to have a more private lifestyle.

She is now a single mother, focused on helping her children and developing her interior decoration company.


Strahan Children

She is the mother of two children during her lovely marriage to ex-husband Michael Strahan.

Her first child, Tanita Strahan, is a young, talented entrepreneur and visual artist. She has a YouTube channel known as The Infinite Finesse Podcast.

Her second child, Michael Strahan Jnr, is developing his career to play in the NFL like his father, Michael Strahan.

She has another child born in 2001, named Dorian, but his father remains unknown.

Wanda Hutchins Net Worth

Wanda Hutchins Net Worth

She has a net worth of $2 million. Wanda received a sum of money after divorce from her former husband’s wealth.

She has now developed her source of income with different business ventures across the United States.

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