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Antonio Brown Wife Bio Girlfriend Children

Antonio Brown Wife is a beautiful lady who fans want to know about her family, children, career, and net worth.

Chelsie Kryiss is the only female that got close enough to become a part of Antonio Brown’s marriage life as they have three children together.

Antonio Brown Wife

Antonio Brown Wife
Antonio Brown Wife

In his private life, so many fans want to know who is Antonio Brown’s wife, but he is now single, and no lady has gotten him into a marriage.

Antonio Brown is currently without a club and waiting for the right contract offer in the National Football League.

The famous National Football League free agent player was in a relationship with the mother of his three children, Chelsie Kyriss, since 2012.

However, he once ended his relationship with Chelsie in 2019.

Chelsie Kyriss Biography

Chelsie Kyriss

Chelsie Kyriss is a beautiful American woman, Instagram model, Celebrity, and Antonio Brown’s ex-girlfriend.

Her fame has grown ever since her public relationship with Antonio.

She was born in Ohio, United States, in 1988. Her dream was to become a top model.

Kyriss has a younger brother called Christopher Kyriss. Christopher has a wife named Beth Kyriss.

She and her brother were raised by their parents in Springboro.

Kyriss was a student at Springboro High School. After some time, She made a switch to the Sinclair Community College.

In 2010, She graduated from college and became a good student at Georgia State University Perimeter College, where she got awarded a Bachelor’s degree.

Kyriss’s professional career started as a marketing consultant in college. In 2019, She got her first job as a sales staff.

After a few years, she worked at a daycare center as an associate teacher.

However, she always wanted to become a famous beautiful model.

She once submitted her portfolio at a modeling agency, called Explore Talent. But, she could not become a model because there were no job offers from any brand.

In 2010, she started working at the famous Baker’s Footwear Group Store as the assistant manager.

In 2012, Chelsie met Brown for the first time.

Is Chelsie Kyriss Antonio Brown Wife?

Chelsie Kyriss Antonio Brown Wife

People see Chelsie Brown as Antonio Brown’s wife, but they are no longer together as a couple. Antonio got accused of being unfaithful during their relationship.

Kyriss described the father of her children as an unfaithful person and an irresponsible lover.

In recent years, Chelsie has started to grow her fame as an influencer on social media.

She started getting more attention when she was still Antonio Brown’s girlfriend.

She met Brown while working as a staff at Wilton Brands in 2012.

The couple met each other through a close friend. However, no one knows the friend that introduced them.

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They went on a date together and started a relationship together after some years of knowing each other.

During their long relationship, The Sports famous couple shares various photos and videos on social media.

Antonio Brown Children

Antonio Brown Children

Antonio Brown Wife, Kyriss, has five children in total. Two of her children are from her past marriage before meeting Antonio Brown.

Her first two children from her first marriage are a boy, Kellen Green, and a beautiful girl, Brooklyn Green.

However, Chelsie gave birth to three children for Antonio Brown. The first child, named Antony, came into the world in 2014.

In 2015, they welcomed their second child, Ali, and in 2017, She gave birth to their third child, Apollo.

Antonio And Chelsie’s 8-year-long relationship had various issues during their time together.

In 2017, There were reports that Brown was dating another lady, Jena Frumes.

The alleged lack of respect for their relationship made Chelsie end the relationship with Antonio.

In 2018, Antonio broke up with Jena and reunited with Chelsie again.

However, The couple ended their long relationship finally in 2019.

Antonio accused his girlfriend, Kyriss, of cheating with other men.

However, She denied the allegations immediately.

Kyriss has posted allegations at Brown on her social media accounts, which drew media attention for weeks.

In December 2019, Brown tried to make Chelsie leave his home in Florida and filed a lawsuit against her.

He said that his former girlfriend refused to leave his property after their relationship ended.

Chelsie Kyriss Net Worth

Chelsie Kyriss Net Worth

Chelsie has a net worth of $300,000. She earned most of her revenue from her various jobs before meeting Antonio Brown in 2012.

In January 2019, Brown bought her a brand new Porsche car.

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