Angie Bautista Bio: Dave Bautista Wife

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Angie Bautista

Angie Bautista is an American celebrity, Fitness Instructor, business enthusiast, and former wife of Dave Bautista.

She is the second wife of Dave Bautista, and Angie has also survived cancer. Her battle with cancer showed the difficulty of managing the family’s health condition.

To many people, She is also known as Angie Lewis. She was married to Dave for eight years and had a son.

Angie Bautista Biography

Angie Bautista

She was born in the USA. Her first child was born with the ‘In-Vitro Fertilization’ (IVF) process.

Angie is the mother of one child with Dave Bautista named Oliver Bautista, born in 2007 (After the divorce).

She revealed that her son, Oliver, inspired her to be positive with her cancer battle.

Despite being the former wife, she has kept a quiet profile away from public and media attention till today.

Dave Bautista Wife

Dave Bautista Wife

Angie and Dave Bautista became happily married couples in the 1990s. The WWE couple got married in a private wedding ceremony in 1998.

In 1998, Bautista was at the start of his famous wrestling career. During his Legendary notable WWE career, he used Batista’.

Dave won the ‘World Heavyweight Championship four times during his career, the ‘WWE Championship’ twice, ‘World Tag Team Championship thrice, and other titles.

In 2005, Dave won ‘WrestleMania XXX,’ ‘Royal Rumble,’ and ‘WrestleMania 21’.

Bautista got a tattoo in tribute to Angie on his upper left biceps that wrote ‘Angel’ in Chinese as ‘Kanji.’

After eight years married together, the couple separated in 2006.

Bautista’s affair with a WWE female wrestler was the cause of their divorce.

Since her divorce from Bautista, Angie has kept a private life and now works as a fitness instructor.

In 2006, Bautista got his first role as an actor in Relative Strangers’ famous comedy film.

Dave has acted in other movies like Spectre by James Bond, Mr. Hinx, and Blade Runner 2049.

In 2007, Bautista published his Batista Unleashed autobiography on October 16.

After Angie Bautista read his published book, the former lover became close friends again.

Bautista wrote, ‘We are now close again, which we weren’t for so many years. I now know more about her; she learned a lot from reading the book. She saw many things from a different perspective after reading the book.’

Before Angie, Bautista was married to Glenda Bautista, and they had two daughters together during their seven years of marriage.

Also, Dave married his third wife, a professional dancer, Sarah Jade, in 2015, but they got a divorce in 2019.

Angie Career

Angie Career

Angie Bautista is a professional career woman who works in fitness, health, and as an advocate.

Angie’s journey took a remarkable turn as she dedicated herself to cultivating her health and fitness. Earning certification as a personal trainer, she ventured to open her fitness studio.

Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, Angie was a recruiter at TurboTax, showcasing her diverse skill set.

Beyond her professional achievements, Angie stands as a steadfast champion for cancer survivors.

She has used her battle as a cancer survivor to help create support and research in assisting others to overcome the same illness.

Angie is a relentless woman who has dedicated her life to ensuring that cancer survivors can survive.

Angie keeps a lot private despite being a person who is mostly out there in the public field.

She prefers a life away from the limelight. She finds solace in the simplicity of personal interactions and cherished moments.

Her choice reflects her genuine and authentic approach to living, enriching her path with meaningful connections and experiences.

Angie Bautista Cancer Survival

Angie And Dave

Angie started noticing body weakness and bruises on her body in the 2000s.

She believed it was due to her changes in nutrition. But the symptoms got worse, and she had to visit the hospital.

While at the hospital, She did various tests, and it showed a tumor in her ovary.

In 2002, Angie Bautista got confirmed to have ovarian cancer. She started treatment with ‘Taxol’ and ‘Carboplatin.’

Angie’s husband, Dave, supported her in every way possible and helped to raise funds for other ‘ovarian cancer patients.’

Speaking about her career experience, Angie said, ‘Some people today believe that people with cancer will look different, but it can affect anyone, even though physically fit.’

In 2010, Dave Bautista traveled to various states in the USA and created a video for ovarian cancer research.

The video for Angie was made public in August with the help of ‘Monday Mayhem Wrestling’ and ‘The South of France Spa Naturals.’

Angie Bautista was almost in tears after watching the video they made and dedicated to her.

Angie Bautista’s Net Worth

Angie Bautista Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 million. Angie Bautista is a professional who is into fitness.

She has generated a lot from her career path and from her former husband, who they longer stay with.

Angie Bautista has faced numerous challenges and admirably shielded her career from their impact. Her professional life remains steadfast despite the hurdles.

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Her job brings in a substantial income and is enriched by her role as a sought-after celebrity fitness coach.

She commands a significant fee for her services, partnering with numerous A-listers within the entertainment realm.

Her widespread acclaim owes much to the connection she once shared with her ex-husband, contributing to her popularity and recognition.

Amidst the trials, her dedication to her work has yielded a thriving career.

Having established herself as a prominent figure in the fitness industry, she has managed to navigate her challenges while maintaining her professional stature.

As a celebrity fitness coach, she enjoys a double-edged reputation as a skilled professional and a person of interest due to her past relationship.

Her income reflects her expertise and highlights her ability to leverage her reputation, resulting in a financially rewarding career.

Despite the spotlight on her personal life, her commitment to excellence in her profession remains unwavering.

Her former husband has a net worth of $20 million from his work as a wrestler and action.

He is earning much revenue from his acting profession, now his main priority.

Angie Bautista has made a suitable life for herself despite Dave Bautista’s absence after their divorce.

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