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Sharina Hudson

Sharina Hudson is a famous American massage therapist but is now known worldwide as the girlfriend and mistress of Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter.

Fans of Wendy Williams have wondered who Sharina Hudson is and how her affair with Kevin Hunter started during their marriage.

During their marriage, Kevin Hunter split his time between his wife, Wendy Williams, and his mistress, Sharina.

After news broke in the media that Sharina was pregnant with Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams decided to get a divorce and move on with her life.

Sharina Hudson Biography

Sharina Hudson

She was born in 1986 in North Carolina, USA. Sharina Hudson will be 37 years old in 2023.

There are limited details on information concerning Sharina Hudson’s childhood background.

Her parent’s names are still omitted from public records today as they prefer to keep a low-key profile.

Full NameSharina Hudson
Age33 years old
Date Of Birth1986
Height5 feet 8 inches tall

She is from North Carolina and passed through College there before starting her career as a massage therapist.

Sharina has a lot of clients in the State who use her services frequently. Before her romance with celebrity Kevin Hunter, she was never involved with the entertainment industry.

Sharina Hudson And Kevin Hunter Love Story

Sharina Hudson And Kevin Hunter Love Story

Before his romance with Sharina, Kevin Hunter was married to Wendy Williams for over 20 years.

Wendy and Kevin married in 1997, and they have a son named Kevin Hunter Jr.

However, Kevin Hunter became interested in Sharina Hudson and started an affair with her.

For ten years, Kevin and Sharina managed to keep their secret relationship away from the media and Wendy.

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson were involved in a publicized relationship that gained attention due to Hunter’s previous marriage to Wendy Williams.

Hunter and Hudson’s relationship became known in 2019 when news broke that Hunter and Williams were divorcing.

Hudson is a massage therapist, and her relationship with Hunter was a subject of controversy and media coverage.

The situation led to discussions about infidelity, divorce proceedings, and the impact on both families involved.

Is Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Still Together?

Kevin Hunter Wendy Williams

However, in 2017, their affair was soon public after the media got some exclusive pictures of Sharina Hudson with a ring.

It was unknown if Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ husband, proposed to her despite still being married.

Some months later, there were rumors in the media that Sharina was pregnant with Kevin.

In 2019, Kevin Hunter got a divorce from his wife, Wendy, who paid him $250,000 post-divorce.

After their divorce, Wendy Williams admitted that she also wondered about her husband cheating.

His actions hurt Wendy, and it took her some years to finally decide to get a divorce from Kevin.

Wendy was somewhat aware of Kevin’s insecurities and did not want to ruin their marriage, but the news of Sharina being pregnant was the end.

Speaking on her popular talk show in 2017, Wendy Williams said:

“He’s my lover, best friend, he’s everything. Anybody married for five minutes or many years would know that marriages have issues. Marriages are not exactly easy.”

However, Kevin Hunter lives with Sharina Hudson in their new home.

Wendy Williams’ marriage to Kevin Hunter faced significant challenges before ultimately ending in divorce.

Reports suggest the marriage faced difficulties due to various factors, including alleged infidelity and personal conflicts.

Rumors of Kevin Hunter’s infidelity had circulated for years before the marriage officially crumbled.

There were allegations that he had been involved in extramarital affairs, including one with Sharina Hudson.

In 2017, Wendy Williams took a hiatus from her talk show for health reasons.

During her absence, it was revealed that she had been diagnosed with Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism.

The stress of her health issues might have taken a toll on her marriage.

In 2019, reports emerged that Sharina Hudson had given birth to a child, allegedly fathered by Kevin Hunter.

This development brought more attention to Hunter’s infidelity and put additional strain on Wendy Williams’ marriage.

After taking time off to focus on her health and well-being, Wendy Williams returned to her talk show and eventually filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter in April 2019. The divorce marked the end of their over 20-year marriage.

During the divorce proceedings, it was reported that Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter engaged in negotiations regarding the division of their assets and properties, including their New Jersey home and other financial matters.

The divorce was finalized in January 2020, and as part of the settlement, Williams retained ownership of their production company, Wendy Williams Productions, and other assets.

Kevin And Sharina House

Kevin And Sharina House

There are reports that Kevin Hunter bought a $765,000 house for his lover Sharina in Morristown, New Jersey.

Sharina and Kevin are happy together and go out in public without hiding their affair.

However, In a recent interview, Wendy said:

“I don’t know them; I don’t know any lady or the baby or how Kevin became like this. I don’t know myself anymore.”

Wendy Williams has refused to change her name and still uses Wendy Hunter.

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When asked about her name, She added:

“My name remains Wendy Hunter. That is still my son’s name; you can’t wipe away 20 years. Please, I don’t want to cry.”

Speaking about his affair, Kevin Hunter said:

“The main reason I cheated is that Wendy never had time for the family. I would do everything possible to take her on vacations, and then when she was available from work, Wendy decided to drink or take bad stuff instead, and all I wanted was a wife.”

Did Kevin Hunter have a child with Sharina? Sharina and Kevin Hunter have a daughter together, born in 2019, and according to sources close to the family, her baby name is Journey.

What Is Sharina Hudson’s Net Worth?

What Is Sharina Hudson’s Net Worth?

Sharina has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She has a very private life and does not show flashes of her wealth on social media.

Kevin Hunter has a net worth of $7.5 million. He is part owner of properties with his former wife, Wendy.

Due to the drama of Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter, Sharina was forced to live a private life henceforth.

She still enjoys a luxurious life, working and ensuring a lot for her and her daughter.

She has done everything possible to hide her private life from the media to avoid being judged for being in a relationship with a married man.

Sharina Hudson remains controversial because of her affair with Wendy Williams’ husband for many years.

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