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Kit Frederiksen

Kit Frederiksen is a football fan, Private Person, Film Character, Car lover, Top Actor, American Celebrity, and actress Perdita Weeks’ husband.

For some people, being married an actress is what they wish to achieve because of the focused rumors, media attention, and fame.

Kit Frederiksen Biography

Kit Frederiksen

Kit Frederiksen is an American born in the United States Of America, and married to a British actress known as Perdita Weeks.

Information about his youth days, childhood life, family, school friends remain unknown.

In 2012, Perdita got married to her husband in a quiet wedding ceremony.

There is no data about how they first met each other and where.

Before their marriage in 2012, Perdita and her husband dated for some years, getting to know each other, meeting close family members from both sides.

In 2013, Kit and Perdita welcomed two children, twin boys known as Humphrey Carrington, and Rupert Sebastian Frederiksen.

Kit has done everything possible to avoid the spotlight of fame from his wife, Perdita. He has kept his life very private from the outside world.

Perdita Weeks Biography

Perdita Weeks

Perdita Weeks

Perdita is a 35 years old (1985), beautiful actress and renowned movie award winner.

She was born on December 25th, 1985, in Wales to her parents, Robin and Susan. Perdita attended the Roedean School in Sussex and at the Courtauld Institute as an art history student.

She is one of three children; her other two siblings are Honeysuckle Weeks and Rollo Weeks.

In 1993, Perdita and her sister Honeysuckle worked together in the movie Goggle Eyes and ‘The Ray Nymph.’ She was also in the horror movie popularly known as Prowl.

Her sister, Honeysuckle weeks, is known to have anxiety issues despite being an actress.

Since her first appearance as an actress in 1993, Perdita has gotten many roles in different British films and movies over the last 20 years.

Perdita was invited to the USA to act in the movie, “A Far Off Place,” but she lost the role to someone else at a very young age.

She has acted in various movies over the years such as ‘Extraordinary Expectations,’ ‘The Invisible Woman,’ ‘Four Season,’ ‘The Great Fire,’ ‘Prepared Player One,’ ‘Lost in Austen,’ ‘As Above, So Below,’ and ‘Titanic.’

Her best movies were ‘Ready Player One,’ ‘As Above, So Below,’ which earned millions for the cast and production teams.

Perdita remains a celebrity and has many hobbies such as traveling, driving cars, waterfalls e.t.c.

She owns a Ferrari ride that costs $252,000 or more now in 2020.

Perdita Weeks Height?

She is five feet, 4 inches tall, and has shown her beautiful height at various entertainment award events, with long legs and Perdita weights 54kg.

Perdita Weeks Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $5 million, earn from her various appearances in blockbuster movies and TV shows since she started her career as an actress.

Kit Frederiksen Net Worth

How Much is Kit Frederiksen’s net worth? His net worth is $300,000, and he’s only famous because of his wife, Perdita Weeks. His job remains unknown, but he is pleased with his family at home.

His wife, Perdita Weeks, is on social media platforms like Twitter (@PerditaWeeks) and Instagram (@Perdita_Weeks). Still, Frederiksen is not the social media type and has no account for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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