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‘Lehmman Was Miserable And Complained About Everything’ – Mark Clattenburg

Ex referee Mark Clattenburg names former Arsenal goalkeeper Lehmman as one of the most annoying player, MySportDab reports.

Mark Clattenburg says ex-Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was miserable and complained about everything.

Clattenburg spent 13 years in the Engish Premier League top flight and handles a lot of big matches.


The referee had run-ins with several high-profile players during his career and he has opened up about the stars that got on his nerves, naming Lehmann as one of the worst offenders.

“He was just so irritable and never stopped, one of those miserable blokes who would whinge about everything and everyone, ”

He said about the former Gunners and Germany shot stopper in The Daily Mail. “If the ball was round, he would whinge.

If the ball was white, he would whinge. You would think, ‘Just give it a rest’.

”He was a great goalkeeper but I honestly think this was a weakness in him and other teams identified that.

Lehmann Clattenburg

They would stand on his toes at corners and he would react by pushing them.

“I knew players were provoking him but he was probably lucky to avoid being sent off and giving away penalties, as would happen now but he would do snidey, little things himself that made it difficult and I didn’t enjoy refereeing him at all.

He was erratic and his antics were not easy to deal with.”


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