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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Ronaldo, Messi Make ESPN Top 20 Most Famous Athletes Of 2019 [Full List]

American based TV channel and brand ESPN recently announced their top 20 most famous athletes based on three factors.

MySportDab reports the factors are – endorsement, search score and social media followers.

Endorsement results are obtained ofa range from both ESPN and Forbes while the search score is measured through Google (how often their name was searched on Google) and taking an average of their peak score.

The follower base numbers are derived from the most popular social media accounts, claims ESPN.

20: Novak Djokovic:

The 31-year-old is currently the World No.1 in tennis and has 15 Grand Slams to his name.
[Endorsements: £16.6m – Search Score: 21 – Social Media following: 8.5m]

19.Mesut Ozil:
Ozil won the 2014 World Cup with Germany and also has three FA Cups and one La Liga title.
[Endorsements: £4.9m – Search Score: 15 – Social Media following: 30.9m]

18.Yuvraj Singh:
The 37-year-old Indian was part of the Indian international Cricket team that won the World Cup back in 2011, where he was awarded the player of the tournament.
[Endorsements: £23.3m – Search Score: 1 – Social Media following: 14.5m]

17.Serena Williams:
Serena is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time no doubt and has 23 Grand Slams, four Olympic Gold Medals to her name.
[Endorsements: £13.6m – Search Score: 37 – Social Media following: 10.8m]

16.Antoine Griezmann:
Griezmann was part of the France squad that won the 2018 World Cup in Russia last summer.
[Endorsements: £17.3m – Search Score: 20 – Social Media following: 22.6m]


[Endorsements: £2.93m – Search Score: 100 – Social Media following:13.4m]

14.Kylian Mbappe (Football):

[Endorsements: £14.2m – Search Score: 32 – Social Media following: 23.5m]

13.MS Dhoni:

[Endorsements: £21m – Search Score: 5 – Social Media following: 20.5m]

12.Paul Pogba:

[Endorsements: £24m – Search Score: 15 – Social Media following: 30.7m]

11.Kevin Durant (Basketball):

[Endorsements: £24m – Search Score: 9 – Social Media following: 17.4m]

10.Tiger Woods (Golf):

[Endorsements: £31.6m –Search Score: 20 – Social Media following: 6.4m]

9.Stephen Curry (Basketball):

[Endorsements: £31.6m – Search Score: 12 – Social Media following: 23m]

8.Rafael Nadal (Tennis):

[Endorsements: £22m – Search Score: 40 – Social Media following: 15.6m]

7.Virat Kohli (Cricket):

[Endorsements: £15m – Search Score: 25 – Social Media following: 37.1m]

6.Roger Federer (Tennis):

[Endorsements: £31.2m – Search Score: 23 – Social Media following: 14.5m]

5.Conor McGregor (Boxing):

[Endorsements: £11.2m – Search Score: 100 – Social Media following: 29.7m]

4.Neymar Jr (Football):

[Endorsements: £14.2m – Search Score: 55 – Social Media following: 107.2m]

3.Lionel Messi (Football)

[Endorsements: £21m – Search Score: 54 – Social Media following: 103.1m]

2.LeBron James (Basketball):

[Endorsements: £39.1m – Search Score: 47 – Social Media following: 45.3m]

1.Cristiano Ronaldo (Football):

[Endorsements: £27.8m – Search Score – 100 – Social Media following – 148m]

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