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Veronique Fernandez

Veronique Fernandez is a philanthropist, professional dancer, businesswoman, and Zinedine Zidane’s wife.

She has a notable personality which many people from Spain to France have recognized over the years as a celebrity wife.

She is a prominent figure who already has a career for herself before eventually turning into the wife of a famous player.

Veronique Fernandez Biography

Veronique Fernandez

She was born November 10, 1971 in Rodez, Aveyron, Spain. Veronique Fernandez is 51 years old but will clock another year older in November.

Veronique Fernandez is a unique personality who was always focused as a young girl growing up under her parents.

Her father’s name is Antonio Fernández. He made a massive investment in her daughter’s life when she lived under his care.

Her mother’s name is Ana Ramírez. Her role in her daughter and family life is something that many have full knowledge of.

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Veronique Fernandez hasn’t touched on the topic of her siblings which till today remain hidden from the public.

There have been many assumptions concerning Veronique’s siblings who want to stay away from anything that concerns the media.

Some information coming out claims she has a sister and both of them are the only children from their parents.

Her entire family is Spain nationals and they have a strong legitimacy when it comes to their homeland.

She did make moves concerning her education which was something she didn’t have enough passion for doing.

She furthered her education as long as possible before moving attention to something else in her life as a young lady.

She pushed to High School where she claimed a diploma and from that moment it was straight to dancing.

Her parents were not happy knowing Veronique decided to leave school to pursue dancing.

She however made her parents invest in her going to dance school where she continued making progress in life.

Veronique Fernandez was part of students at Rosella Hightower which is a dance institution in Spain.

Zinedine Zidane Wife

Zinedine Zidane Wife

The union of Veronique Fernandez and Zinedine Zidane has been for decades since they decided to become friends.

They did establish a baseline which they started from there before taking every needed step to become life partners.

She has always been a massive supporter of her husband whom they were together during his active career.

Veronique Fernandez’s encounter with Zidane started gaining media attention in 1989 after their meeting.

They had moments in which they wanted things to remain hidden and there wasn’t much from the media as of then.

In their era of meeting each other, they were able to build a life without much speculations making rounds.

Their relationship was already active in 1989 and they continued building on a solid affair that pushed further.

Veronique Fernandez and Zidane decided after years together that it was time they made a move on getting married.

By 1994 they already programmed their wedding which happened in May, 28 same year in Bordeaux, France.

Over two decades and counting have gone by with the duo staying solid in their vows which they always renew.

Their marriage has however produced several children who are doing well enough in their respective lives.

They have four children and Enzo is the eldest among them born in 1995. Their second is Luca born in 1998.

Their other two children are Theo and Elyaz who were born in 2002 and 2005 respectively making them the last.

Veronique Fernandez and Zinedine Zidane have both done wonderfully well to build something solid with their family.

Veronique Career

Veronique Career

She has always been a woman who wanted to make something for herself regardless of the situation.

Veronique Fernandez took a risk of leaving school to follow a career in the entertainment industry in Spain.

She ventured as a dancer initially before making a career in modeling and other aspect of her professional niche.

Her dedication has helped her attain a level many still aspire to make for themselves in all aspects and names.

However, Zidane has a career that many people followed through from his playing and now as a coach.

Zidane honed his skills that would make him a legend. He rose through the ranks in France, a gifted playmaker with a silky touch and a killer pass.

Clubs like Bordeaux and Juventus snapped him up, and Zidane thrived. He orchestrated attacks, scored stunning goals, and became the maestro of midfield.

With France, Zidane was a national hero. He led them to World Cup glory in 1998, his head bouncing a perfect winner in the final.

Euro 2000 followed another Zidane masterclass. But his fiery temperament sometimes boiled over, leading to red cards and controversy.

Later, at Real Madrid, Zidane became a Galactico – one of the most expensive players ever during his era.

The pressure was immense, but Zidane delivered. He orchestrated their historic Champions League wins, his volleys becoming iconic.

Tragically, his career ended on a sour note. In the 2006 World Cup final, a moment of madness saw him headbutt an opponent and get sent off. It was a sad stain on a glittering career.

But Zidane’s legacy is secure after going down as a legendary name both on playing and coaching levels.

He’s remembered as a genius on the pitch, a leader who inspired, and a player who brought artistry to the beautiful game.

His silky touches, inch-perfect passes, and the moments of magic from him as a player continue to live on.

Zinedine Zidane’s career has taken many turns and his recent success was his run winning the Champions League with Real Madrid.

Veronique Fernandez Net Worth

Veronique Fernandez Net Worth

Her net worth is $2 million from everything she has done to ensure that is wealth and finances come through.

Veronique Fernandez has gone to many places with her talent which in return has generated income.

She is nowhere near her husband in terms of money but she does well enough as an independent woman.

She owns a couple of establishments to her name which over the years she built with her financial status.

Zidane, his net worth is $100 million which comes from his career and success over the years mostly with Real Madrid.

Both as a player and coach, he won so much in personal and team success both on the national level and club.

Veronique Fernandez and Zinedine Zidane manage a good fortune of wealth in their professional career which remains active.

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