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Coral Simanovich

Coral Simanovich is a fashion designer, professional model, beautician, media personality, and Sergi Roberto’s wife.

She is a beauty who holds her husband’s heart close, and they share something unique to share as a couple.

She has an elaborate career, which put her in the spotlight before she met her partner, who also made a name for himself.

Coral Simanovich Biography

Coral Simanovich

Coral Simanovich was born in New York on September 9, 1991. She is an American and is 32 today.

Her father’s name is Roni Simanovich. He is a renowned Israeli businessman who is very popular around the globe.

Her mother’s name is Limor Bahat. She once held a political position in addition to her other activities, including military service.

Her family members are all Israeli citizens who previously lived in Israel before relocating to the United States, where they currently reside.

Coral and her family originate from Manhattan, where they have established a life since their move to America.

Coral Simanovich hails from an affluent and well-known family background filled with wealth.

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She has two sisters and a brother, making four siblings raised by their parents in a comfortable environment.

At age 3, Coral and her family left the United States and settled in Israel, where they continued their life.

They made their home in Tel Aviv, although their family dynamics changed when her parents divorced when she was 5.

The family faced some instability, leading to her father remarrying Pnina Rosenblum, another formidable personality.

Coral Simanovich was only 14 when her father remarried, gaining a stepmother who cared for things in their home.

Despite these changes, she had a supportive family environment, living with her sister Noelle, brother Shon, and half-sister Yuli.

In addition to family life, Coral received a quality education from an early age, beginning after their move from the United States.

She attended Tichon Hadash Tel Aviv, where she gained valuable knowledge and skills for her future.

Another important factor of her education was completing studies at Shenkar College where she graduated in 2016.

Coral Simanovich exemplifies a successful woman who has crafted a life many women admire today.

Sergi Roberto Wife

Sergi Roberto Wife

Coral Simanovich’s journey with Sergi Roberto is one that many never anticipated or could have imagined becoming a reality.

The pair hail from different backgrounds and timelines, with distinct lives that initially seemed unlikely to intersect.

They are two individuals with separate paths from places they never envisioned being together as a couple.

Despite this, Coral Simanovich has created a beautiful life alongside her husband, Sergi Roberto.

Their relationship puzzles many, wondering how they met and connected before marrying.

Given their distant locations, which are different from everything else, there were no chance encounters from their childhood.

Their introduction occurred through Social Media, from chatting to arranging their first date.

Eventually, they decided to transition from friendship to a romantic relationship, having already shared much about themselves.

Coral, already acquainted with Spain’s surroundings, flew down to spend time with Sergi Roberto.

Their first date, reportedly in 2014, marked the seriousness of their relationship, which has continued to this day.

They continued dating until their engagement, planning the next phase of their life—legalizing their relationship.

In 2018, Coral and Sergi celebrated their wedding on May 18, surrounded by family and friends, creating cherished memories.

Since then, they have built a family in Barcelona, enjoying a harmonious life under one roof.

Coral Simanovich and Sergi Roberto are proud parents to their daughter, Kaia Roberto, who remains the sole addition to their union.

Coral Career

Coral Career

Coral Simanovich has made much as a fashion designer, starting with modelling.

As a beautiful lady in her teens, she already had an established career in modelling and signed with a top agency.

She grew in status and gathered many connections along the way, which helped put her in positions of recognition.

Coral is signed to Elite and Barcelona-based Traffic Models agency, where they help push everything that concerns her career and brand as a model.

Aside from her career success, she has also served in the Israeli army, just like her mother, who did hers at a younger age.

Coral Simanovich’s success isn’t the only thing, as her husband also has a big football career.

Sergi Roberto has always had his wife’s support, which has boosted his career since they became a couple.

He is the current captain of Barcelona, a testament to the club’s famed La Masia academy.

Born in 1992, Roberto spent most of his career with the Blaugrana, rising through the youth ranks to become a key player.

Roberto’s strength lies in his versatility. Primarily a central midfielder, he can seamlessly shift to various positions, including defensive midfielder, full-back, and winger.

His adaptability has proven invaluable for Barcelona, allowing him to fill gaps and contribute across the pitch.

Roberto’s dedication to Barcelona has been rewarded with a staggering trophy cabinet under one team.

He has contributed to seven La Liga title wins, two Champions League triumphs, and numerous other domestic and international titles.

Notably, he etched his name in Barcelona lore with a dramatic last-minute goal in the historic 6-1 comeback victory against PSG in the 2016/17 Champions League.

Following Lionel Messi’s departure in 2021, Roberto stepped up as a leader for the club going forward.

Despite facing injuries in recent seasons, he displayed his resilience by returning strong in the 2022/23 season.

He even managed four career-best goals in the league, solidifying his importance to the team that had undergone many changes.

In March 2023, Roberto secured a contract extension with Barcelona, indicating the club’s continued faith in his experience and versatility.

As he navigates the latter stages of his career, Sergi Roberto remains a valuable asset for Barcelona, both on and off the field.

He hopes to remain with the club as long as possible, as they are looking to rebuild once again for the new season under Xavi Hernandez.

Coral Simanovich Net Worth

Coral Simanovich Net Worth

Her net worth is $4 million from her established fashion line, modelling, and other ventures.

Coral Simanovich is so vibrant that she had already made numerous strides before meeting her spouse.

Her global renown in fashion and modelling has spanned many years, dating back to her teenage years.

She has also amassed a substantial following on social media, with her Instagram gaining popularity after she met her partner.

However, she had already established herself as a prominent figure on social media long ago due to her posts, which always garner significant attention.

She has forged her path alongside Sergi Roberto, whose net worth is $10 million, primarily derived from his earnings as a football player.

His career has predominantly unfolded in Barcelona, where he has achieved individual and team success.

Coral Simanovich and Sergi Roberto have accumulated considerable wealth but are still far from retiring from their active careers.

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