“I Don’t Have Long To Live,” – Ex-NBA Star Nate Robinson Breaks Silence

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Nate Robinson

Basketball hero and former NBA star Nate Robinson has revealed he doesn’t have long to live after his kidney failure diagnosis, MySportDab reports.

Nate, who has won the Dunk Contest three times, was hit with a life-threatening ailment in 2020. He suffered kidney failure but kept his medical condition away from the public.

Two years after battling with the ailment, the former Denver Nuggets star came out public, announcing he had been diagnosed with a renal kidney failure, and has been surviving on dialysis.

The former New York Red Bulls player, who recorded a heroic 11-year career in the NBA, said he has been living constantly on dialysis and would not survive in a week or two without the makeshift medical alternative.

Meanwhile, the NBA legend has been on the hunt for a new kidney since the medical disaster in 2020, all to no avail.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Nate revealed he doesn’t have long to live as he has yet to find a kidney for a transplant – a permanent solution and the best alternative to the dialysis treatment.

“This is my life. I am certain I don’t have long to live because I cannot secure a kidney for transplant. This is why I make the best and all I could with my life because my time is short,” he told the Mail.


The 39-year-old Seattle-born icon also talked about his regimented medical routine due to his failed kidney. He revealed he regularly goes for dialysis every day, spending four hours each day to have the toxins flushed out to avoid complications.

He does so three days each week and ensures he keeps to the regular medical appointment to avoid complications.

”I would not have lived long if not for the frequent dialysis medication. I go for dialysis three days a week and four hours each day. It is a routine I have to observe to survive,” he added.

Despite his medical ordeal, Nate added he doesn’t fail to make the best of his life and has tried to stay positive and do what he can.

‘I am a positive person, and do try to stay normal, as human, and create time for my kids.”

Nate Robinson recorded a heroic NBA career before calling time on his career in 2015. While he was still active in the sport, he was warned in 2006 that he would suffer kidney failure later in life due to his high blood pressure.

14 years later in 2020, the NBA legend was diagnosed with the illness and has been living on dialysis support while hoping for do kidney transplant.

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