Roman Burki Girlfriend: Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez

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Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is a beauty sensation who is a model, a businesswoman, a public figure, and Roman Burki’s girlfriend.

She became more relevant after the relationship with her partner became public after little time of keeping things private.

A lot of credit also goes to Marlen for establishing herself before getting her football partner’s attention.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Biography

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez

She was born on May 18, 1996, in Germany. Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez will be 28 years old when her birthday is in 2024.

Her birthplace is Wertheim, Germany, where her parents were able to make their lives and do other things.

Her father’s name is Mr. Alvarez. His information could be clearer now as something tangible could be arranged together about him.

Her mother’s name is Mrs. Alvarez. She is private but plays a huge role in her daughter’s life, and they both see each other very often.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez understands so much as someone raised in a humble family with much to cherish.

She comes from a family of five, including two siblings and their parents, who had a handful when they were much younger.

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Her siblings are already living separate lives with their families and are doing well in Germany today.

She is the last of her family, with two grown sisters bearing their husbands’ names. She remains the only one who still has a lot to accomplish.

She completed her education in Germany, where she learned a lot, but specific names must be confirmed.

Her education must have been completed, or maybe she opted not to finish it due to her quick rise in fame as a model.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is settled today, and she hopes to attain much to ensure she lives a successful life.

Roman Burki Girlfriend

Roman Burki Girlfriend

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez has a fulfilling relationship with Roman Burki, a Football player in Germany.

Their relationship has been serious for years since they started as friends and later took another step.

It was always busy initially, but they found time to ensure they could flow in the same timeline and space.

Their commitment helped them figure things out, and they decided on wanting to keep everything going despite their careers.

They quickly defined Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez and Roman Burki’s relationship as they wanted it so badly.

They passed through the friendship process before becoming a duo, which was kept private for some time.

The relationship between the duo became public in 2019, but they only came out after some time to confirm anything.

Marlen and Burki took their time, and during those processes, they had to make sure they were really in love.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez quickly became a regular face amongst many Football lovers in Germany.

Roman Burki is also a massive fan of his partner, who took the time to also go and share his support.

Their relationship has sailed through a lot, which didn’t break or cause anything negative to push them away from each other.

They remain strong despite adversity and what the media threw at them, mostly from Marlen based on her career.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez and Roman Burki have built something unique that is expected to go longer.

Marlen Career

Marlen Career

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is a masterclass and career-oriented woman who models, including other ventures.

She is recognized for her love for ink, which can be seen all over her body, including some sensitive areas.

She has been in the showbiz business since her younger days, which started when she was in school.

Her body is her money maker, which has pushed her to work for many brands and top organizations to this day.

There are no specifics concerning the jobs Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez took, but they all paid well and are still paying well.

Aside from her career, Roman Burki also does well for himself and has enjoyed his path so far in playing football.

The agile Swiss goalkeeper Roman Burki has carved out a respectable career, showcasing his talents in various European leagues.

Burki’s passion for football began at a young age, playing for his hometown club, FC Münchwilen, which paved the way.

His potential was evident, leading him to FC Basel’s youth academy in 2006 after grooming himself well.

He honed his skills in Basel, rising through the ranks and eventually securing a spot on the senior team.

Burki made his professional debut for FC Basel in 2009. Initially serving as a backup, he patiently awaited his chance. His perseverance paid off in 2010 when he became the undisputed starter.

He added two Cup titles to his name. Burki’s impressive performances for Basel garnered him recognition within Switzerland and beyond.

In 2014, Burki embarked on a new chapter in his career, signing with Bundesliga club SC Freiburg, where another era started.

Burki’s reflexes, shot-stopping abilities, and composure under pressure became hallmarks of his game during his time at Freiburg.

In 2018, Burki secured a dream move to Borussia Dortmund, a club renowned for its passionate fanbase and attacking style of play.

While initially competing with established names for the starting position, Burki was impressed with his determination and eventually became a regular starter.

Although Borussia Dortmund primarily focused on an attacking approach, Burki provided stability at the back and made crucial saves when needed.

Roman Burki remains a crucial member of Borussia Dortmund’s squad in the future based on what he has been able to achieve.

While there may be occasional competition for the starting position, Burki’s experience and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset to the team.

With his dedication and talent, Burki will likely continue his journey as a goalkeeper for Borussia Dortmund or explore new challenges.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez witnessed what Roman Burki achieved while playing football for the club and the country.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Net Worth

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Net Worth

Her net worth is $2 million from modelling, business, and numerous other ventures, all of which are paying off today.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is still actively working to make enough income before getting old and unable to do much.

Her main goal for now remains to be active and get as much work as possible, with the possibility of taking a break when she has babies.

She focuses more on getting better deals, which will help put in more cash to boost her worth and experience.

Meanwhile, Roman Burki’s net worth is $5 million, mainly from Football and some endorsements.

He holds massive experience and has achieved a lot to make him earn the money that has made his net worth.

He is already approaching the last lap of his active playing career, which at any time could be his retirement.

Burki is already set for life for the kind of career he has made for himself since starting as a young boy.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez and Roman Burki remain consistent in their career, which remains their main priorities.

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