Veronica Stigeler Bio: Bill Cowher’s Wife

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Veronica Stigeler

Famous American singer and composer Veronica Stigeler is a well-known American football linebacker and current C.B.S. Sports NFL commentator.

She is most recognized as Bill Cowher’s wife. After marrying Bill, a champion in Super Bowl XL, in 2014, the 49-year-old shot to stardom.

Her stage name is “Queen V,” and she has a discography full of songs and albums.

Bill (William Laird Cowher) the spouse of Veronica, is a retired American football coach who most recently was with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Veronica, conversely, met her husband via pure chance; she is a talented guitarist.

Her career may not have been as thrilling as her spouse’s, but it deserves praise.

Today, we will discuss Bill Cowher’s wife, who has a successful music career, a healthy financial worth, and many fulfilling relationships.

Veronica Stigeler Biography

Veronica Stigeler

She was born February 23, 1974, in New York. Despite her fame, she has remained tight-lipped about her family’s whereabouts.

Beyond that, she is a white lady of mixed European and American origin, and she was born in the United States.

Additionally, Veronica Stigeler was a student at a public high school in her hometown.

We may thus infer that she participated in a high school band and continued to pursue her love of music there if she went on to college.

Veronica likely had formal instruction in music theory and technique, given her exceptional singing voice and guitar skills.

Armed with a guitar and a glimmer of optimism, she would discover her sound, mostly performing alone.

The New Yorker still looks pretty passionate about her work despite her getting close to middle age.

On top of that, the American musician is likely 5 feet, 6 inches (1.70 meters) tall.

Veronica Stigeler, known for her modest celebrity status, also promotes body acceptance while staying in shape.

The 47-year-old’s Instagram gives the impression that she has an ectomorphic figure with an exquisitely sculpted physique and married to Bill Cowher.

The singer’s medium-length black hair is a distinctive style that complements her light skin.

Veronica Stigeler’s most distinguishing features are an enormous square face, a sharp nose, and beautiful emerald eyes.

Stigeler Career

Stigeler Career

Veronica’s career as a singer spans over fifty years. Meanwhile, the New Yorker and its fan base produced many music, including albums, singles, and EPs.

Not only is Stigeler a talented singer, but he is also a master songwriter and composer.

You should check out the music that the New Yorker composed as part of the duo’s Spotify playlist, which has many tracks.

The same holds for Veronica, aka Queen V, who often performs live in various New York City taverns and pubs.

For example, Alice and Olivia, the designer, Ulysses’ Folk House, and The Cutting Room are just a few examples.

Queen V also hosts LGBT-themed fundraisers as part of her performances to demonstrate her solidarity with the community.

To primarily encourage involvement from the LGBT community, she teamed with the NHL and the You Can Play Foundation.

The third volume of Veronica’s album “Bridges” was published in May 2022.

Bill Cowher’s Wife

Bill Cowher Wife

Even though she was the second woman to win Bill’s heart, Veronica Stigeler deserves some credit.

At first, they were each involved in marriages to separate persons.

For example, Stigeler married a basketball player who remained anonymous, but they split up for reasons that were never explained.

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Also in 1993, Cowher tied the knot with fellow basketball star Kaye Cowher.

Many loved ones were in attendance for the lovely wedding the couple enjoyed.

But there wasn’t an instant split in Bill and his wife’s relationship. Unfortunately, beautiful Kaye died in 2010 from a crippling disease.

Additionally, it took the suffering NFL legend time to allow himself to love again; the same was valid with Veronica.

Love was the only thing that could help Cowher fill the hole, yet his kids and close ones realized what he was going through.

Veronica and Bill eventually crossed paths via sheer chance, just as destiny would have.

It was undeniable how the sparks flew that moment; Stigeler had been searching for a guy who would adore and elevate her, and she discovered that in Cowher.

Veronica Stigeler’s Net Worth

Veronica Stigeler Net Worth

A million dollars is the ballpark for Veronica’s net worth. She has made tremendous movements in her career.

The final sale price was $1.845 million.  Cowher purchased the 6,500-square-foot, four-bedroom home for $1 million in 2007.

It is said that Veronica’s husband, Bill, is worth $18 million.

At 28, Marty Schottenheimer hired him as the Cleveland Browns’ first head coach.

Cowher began his role as an analyst on CBS’s The NFL Today in early 2007, after spending almost twenty years coaching.

Veronica Stigeler and Bill Cowher are both iconic names in their fields and they both built something beyond legendary.

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