Mirka Federer Bio: Roger Federer Wife

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Mirka Federer

Former Swiss tennis player Miroslava Mirka Federer is the spouse of Roger Federer, one of the highest-ranked tennis players in the world.

There was a period when she was among the most promising Swiss women’s tennis players, and she startled fans all around the globe with her rapid rise to the top.

With a career-high position of #76 in the global WTA rankings in September 2001, she achieved her pinnacle of tennis career success.

In 1998, while she was beginning her professional tennis career, she reached a career-high in both her singles and doubles rankings, placing 215th and 216th, respectively.

Roger and Mirka began dating after meeting during the 2000 Olympics when they bonded over their shared love of tennis.

Mirka Federer Biography

Mirka Federer

She was born April 1, 1978, in the Czech Republic. Mirka was born to parents involved in the jewelry industry in Bojnice, Czechoslovakia.

In search of a better life, her family left their own country shortly after she was born and settled in Switzerland.

Mirka Federer has remarked on her relatively humble childhood, in which her family worked hard but never had much money.

Her growing up had a major influence on her developing an appreciation for the value of fame and fortune.

She met tennis great Martina Navratilova when she was eight years old, perhaps as a cosmic sign that the sport had a profound impact on her since she first saw a match when she was very little.

The charismatic Martina captivated her, and she spent her formative years perfecting her tennis game to emulate her.

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Before she met her husband, Martina gave her a tennis racket, which she has since proclaimed to be the most meaningful present she has ever received.

Despite facing several obstacles, including financial difficulties and mental disorders, she persevered and eventually had the opportunity to represent her nation in the professional tennis arena in the late 90s.

Throughout her practice sessions, she never stopped dreaming of playing for her country.

Mirka Career

Mirka Career

After competing against the top young and developing players in Switzerland, Mirka won the Swiss Junior Title, demonstrating her enormous athletic potential.

She began her professional tennis career in her late teens/early twenties, thanks to world-class training and coaching and the tremendous support she got from professional players.

Mirka Federer may not have had a lengthy or very fruitful career, but it certainly did not diminish the enormous fan base she had.

In the early to mid-1990s, she began competing in tennis events all over the globe.

By 1997, she had won the Tel Aviv Tennis Championship and the Clear Water Tennis Open, and by 2000, she had been named to the national Olympic squad.

She crossed paths with Roger Federer, who had just recently begun his professional tennis career, during the Summer Olympics in 2000.

They began dating shortly after meeting and hit it off, all the while pursuing their respective jobs.

As she advanced to the third round of the US Open—one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world—in the third quarter of 2001, Mirka was at the height of her career.

Despite her early exit from the event, her unique approach was well-received by the crowd, and she received accolades from fans all around the globe.

In the 2002 Hopman Cup tennis event, she played in a mixed doubles match alongside Roger Federer.

This was one of her last matches before retiring early due to an injury, and she finally spoke to the media about it during the match.

She took over Federer’s public relations, endorsements, and financial affairs when they were married.

Roger Federer Wife

Roger Federer Wife

After initially locking eyes at the Summer Olympics in 2000, Mirka Federer dated Roger Federer for a whole decade.

Their romance was all everyone could speak about, and in 2009, after years of planning, they tied the knot in a small ceremony at the Reiher estate Wenkenhof.

Even after saying goodbye, Mirka’s enthusiasm for the sport remained strong, and she still made it to almost all of her husband’s games.

They were again blessed with twins in 2014—this time boys called Leo and Lennart.

Mirka Federer is a rock for her husband whenever he travels, even though she’s busy taking care of their four small children and the rest of the family.

If it weren’t for his wife, Roger Federer, one of the best tennis players of all time, claims he would have collapsed under the relentless pressure to do better.

Mirka Federer’s Net Worth

Mirka Federer Net Worth

We do not know how much Mirka Federer is worth, but her husband is extremely wealthy.

On top of that, he surpassed all but a handful of athletes in terms of salary, and he now ranks as the world’s 23rd highest-paid celebrity.

His net worth was estimated at $420 million (£304 million) even though he earned up to $64 million.

Mirka Federer and Roger Federer are both massively enjoying a suitable life away from their active career.

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