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Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles was once an active NFL player who had a brief spell playing professional football before early retirement.

His career was very short due to numerous issues which could not allow him to carry on for an extended period.

He operated in the quarterback position for the duration of his playing days which he moved from different teams.

Blake Bortles Biography

Blake Bortles

He was born April 28, 1992, in Florida, USA. Blake Bortles is 31 years old and will hit 32 in April 2024 when his birthday happens.

His father’s name is Rob Bortles. He is involved in business and other ventures which was what he used to provide for his family.

His mother’s name is Suzy Bortles. She was an active athlete who played softball during her youthful days.

Blake Bortles’ childhood was steeped in sunshine, sports, and a strong family foundation. Bortles credits his parents for fostering a supportive and encouraging environment.

His environment likely helped him navigate the pressures and demands that came with his athletic talent.

While much attention is placed on Blake Bortles’ athletic achievements, his brother Colby also carved his path in the sports world.

Despite a three-year age gap, Blake and Colby Bortles share a close relationship.

This bond was evident when Blake used his NFL signing bonus to help pay for Colby’s college education, displaying his unwavering support.

Both brothers inherited their athleticism from their parents, both of whom were high school athletes.

Their closeness fostered a shared passion for sports within the family, shaping their respective journeys. Bortles attended Oviedo High School, where he excelled in both football and baseball.

Interestingly, major schools initially offered him scholarships to play tight end, recognizing his athleticism but overlooking his quarterback potential.

Despite offers from other universities, Bortles chose to stay close to home and play for the UCF Knights under the leadership of head coach George O’Leary.

His decision proved pivotal in his development as a quarterback. Despite entering the NFL draft early, Bortles later returned to UCF in 2020 to complete his degree.

Bortles Career

Bortles Career 

Blake Bortles’ football journey was one of highs and lows, marked by impressive athleticism, flashes of brilliance, and ultimately, an unfulfilled potential.

After choosing the University of Central Florida, Bortles blossomed under coach George O’Leary, setting school records for passing yards and touchdowns.

He led the UCF to a historic Fiesta Bowl win solidified his status as a top quarterback prospect, paving the way for his NFL entrance.

Drafted third overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014, Bortles carried the weight of high expectations but faced pressure to adapt to the professional level.

His NFL career was often a rollercoaster. He displayed moments of brilliance with powerful throws and clutch plays but also struggled with accuracy and decision-making, leading to criticism and fan frustration.

After the AFC Championship season, Bortles’ performance regressed, leading to Nick Foles’ acquisition and his benching.

He finished his NFL career with a short stint as a backup for the Los Angeles Rams in 2019. While he never officially announced it, Bortles confirmed his retirement in 2022, marking the end of his six-season NFL journey.

Some consider him a talented underdog who never quite reached his full potential, while others point to his inconsistency and missed opportunities.

Currently, Bortles is involved with the UCF football program, serving as a player personnel analyst.

Blake Bortles is involved in regular things despite him distancing himself away from the media, he still shows up in the NFL cameras.

Blake Bortles Wife

Blake Bortles Wife 

There is no official confirmation of Bortles being married. While he was previously linked to Lindsey Duke, their relationship reportedly ended years ago.

Bortles has two young children, a daughter named Remi and a son named Bowen. Their ages and identities are kept private to protect their privacy.

As a former professional athlete, Bortles understands the public interest in his life.

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However, he has chosen to maintain a clear separation between his professional and personal spheres, prioritizing his children’s well-being and privacy.

While the public desire for information is understandable, it’s important to respect Bortles’ right to privacy and refrain from speculation or intrusion into his personal life.

Based on available information, it appears that Bortles prioritizes his children and family life.

He may choose to share more about his personal life in the future, but it’s ultimately his decision to make.

He keeps his relationship and family life away from the media to avoid anything that would be of distraction.

Blake Bortles Net Worth

Blake Bortles Net Worth 

His net worth is $40 million which is from playing in the NFL and coupled with what he does today since his retirement.

Bortles played in the NFL for eight seasons, primarily with the Jacksonville Jaguars during his active days playing.

While details haven’t been publicly disclosed, Bortles likely had endorsement deals during his playing career, adding to his income.

Information about Bortles’ investments and spending habits is unavailable, making it difficult to pinpoint his exact net worth.

A significant portion of his earnings would have gone towards taxes and agent fees, further reducing his net worth.

Bortles currently works for the UCF Knights football team, but details about his salary haven’t been released.

Blake Bortle’s earnings were part of his success story and he ensured something good came out of all his playing days.

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