7 States With the Most Professional Sports Teams

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Sport is a serious business in the United States. Whether it’s the passionate fans who follow their favorite teams religiously or the massive contracts and revenue they generate, leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are continuously growing. 

All that interest has also made American sports more popular. Unfortunately, regulations differ from state to state. That often means local punters must turn to offshore online sports platforms. Some regions have unfettered access to online platforms. 

It’s a non-issue, unlike in Florida, Utah, Alabama, South Carolina, Hawaii, California, and Texas, where online sports stakes remain a grey area. So, there are several reputable offshore platforms to fill the void. However, given how many professional sports teams there are nationally, things will likely change in the future. 

To better understand the scope of just how popular sports are in the US, these states have the most professional sports teams. The stats don’t include MLS or WNBA teams since it only alters the picture slightly, even if those teams are considered. 

California (15)

The Golden State isn’t just famous for Hollywood since California can also lay claim to being the state with the most professional sports teams. Across the four major sports leagues, California currently has 15 professional sports teams.  

Among them are some of the most famous teams with global followings, like the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are known everywhere that baseball is popular. On the other hand, in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most fans worldwide. 

Many Californian teams are also among the most successful teams in their sport. The Lakers have a record 16 NBA Championships, while the San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls in the NFL. 

Although the state has the most sports teams, staking on them has yet to be legal locally and is only available from overseas, offshore sites.

Florida (9)

A state known for its passionate sports fans and rich history across most major sports, Florida is home to nine professional sports teams. They include some of their respective sports’ most significant and iconic teams.

For example, the Miami Heat is one of the most famous NBA teams worldwide. The Miami Dolphins are also a favorite everywhere that American Football is enjoyed. Their fame featured heavily in movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. 

Florida is a complicated state in terms of sports law. Some players use mobile apps like those featured on a list with app reviews in SportsLens to place their game. However, for the most part, it remains possible with tribal casinos, which somewhat monopolize the state’s industry.

New York (8)

Coming in just after the sunshine state is New York. The state features three NHL teams: the Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers, with the latter featuring in the top 10 most successful NHL teams.  

However, it’s in the NBA and MLB that New York truly has a historic legacy. Their two MLB teams, the New York Mets and the New York Yankees, are iconic. The Yankees also stand out as the most successful MLB team in history. Meanwhile, in the NBA, New York is famous for their standout team, the New York Knicks. 

Texas (8)

In Texas, football is king, with both NFL and High School Football passionately followed in the state. However, the state has eight professional teams across the four major leagues: two from the NFL and MLB, three from the NBA, and one in the NHL. 

The Houston Texans have been a steadily growing team in the NFL throughout the 2010s.  

However, the iconic Dallas Cowboys are their standout team and among the most successful in NFL history, with five Super Bowl wins. The sporting culture in Texas has a proud history, and as a result, the Cowboy’s cheerleading squad even has its reality TV series. 

Like California, Texas’ large number of teams hasn’t yet brought about a change in gambling laws, with sports still only available either from offshore sites and apps or by crossing the border into neighboring states with less restrictive gambling laws.

Pennsylvania (7)

Another state with a long, successful, and proud sporting heritage, Pennsylvania has seven professional sports teams across the major leagues. Their standout team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who jointly hold the record for the most Super Bowl wins in history. The Steelers have six Super Bowls and share that record with the New England Patriots. 

The state’s sporting triumphs aren’t confined to the NHL, though. As a famous state for Hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins are among the most successful NHL teams in history. That mantle comes from the fact that they’ve won five Stanley Cups and played in six finals. 

Ohio (6) 

Next on the list is Ohio, which has six professional sports teams. The state also has a proud history, with its biggest teams achieving great success in their respective sports. 

For example, their MLB teams have won seven World Series, with the Cincinnati Reds winning five and the Cleveland Guardians winning the other two.  

Their football teams have also won nine NFL championships between them, while the Cleveland Cavaliers have won one NBA Finals. Their other famous teams with past successes include the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL. 

Illinois (5)

Illinois is just a little behind, with five professional sports teams from Prairie State. Despite not being the only major city in the state, Chicago has become synonymous with having all its major sports teams. Among them, the teams that stand out the most are from the NBA and MLB. 

Their two MLB teams, the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs, have won the World Series six times, each winning three a piece. However, it’s their NBA team that truly stands out. 

That team is, of course, the Chicago Bulls, who are iconic worldwide. That fame mostly came from when the team was known for having the greatest dynasty between 1991 and 1998, winning six NBA championships. 

During that period, the team featured two of the most excellent Hall of Famers, the iconic Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. All of that success came under the guidance and mentorship of their coach, Phil Jackson. Also a Hall of Famer, Jackson is a legendary coach who won 11 NBA championships in total, with the other five he won for the Lakers. 

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