Dwight Howard Kids: Family Secrets, Facts!

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Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard kids have been one major part of his life, which many have speculated over the years.

His career has seen him enjoy the spotlight for decades, filled with a lot of dramas, mostly with his lifestyle.

He, meanwhile, has been able to keep his energy going despite running through the final laps of his career.

Dwight Howard Biography

Dwight Howard

He was born December 8, 1985 in Atlanta, USA. Dwight Howard is a prolific athlete aged 38 years old.

His life started from his birthplace in Atlanta, Georgia, where he had all his family and many other people in his life.

Dwight Howard kids did come into his life at some point in his future, and till today, they all stay together.

His life when he was young had its moments, but he was always with people who showed a lot of care toward him.

His father’s name is Dwight Sr. He runs a school Basketball program that is known as the biggest in the United States.

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His mother’s name is Sheryl Howard. She once had to play Basketball when she had more youthfulness in her.

Howard’s family are exceptional people who are devoted Christians who take everything about their religion seriously.

His mother had struggles with losing her babies through miscarriages, which happened over and over again.

She was dealt with seven miscarriages before being able to give birth to Dwight Howard, who today is doing well.

Howard’s life growing up happened with two siblings named TaShanda and Jahaziel, who all share their family home.

He also did his schooling in Atlanta, where he additionally groomed his playing career at a young age.

He went to school at a Christian Academy, which is located in the Southwest part of his hometown, Atlanta.

His education was made easy due to Basketball, which helped him get the best when it comes to schooling.

Dwight Howard kids today are one of his biggest achievements as a grown-up who has a wonderful life.

Dwight Howard Kids

Dwight Howard Kids

The NBA player has five kids who come from different respective mothers.

Dwight Howard has had his fair share of drama and kids with most of his baby mamas who aren’t taking it easy.

The NBA star is known for his size and rebounding prowess and is also a father of five children from different relationships.

While he keeps his personal life largely private, he hasn’t been able to keep the drama private from the public.

Braylon is the first of Dwight Howard kids, born November 18, 2007, to Royce Reed. Braylon is Dwight’s eldest son.

He has occasionally appeared in news articles about his father’s career, and their public relationship has not always been smooth.

David is another child born on December 15, 2013, to Dawnmarie DeJarlais.

Dwight III, also called Trey, was born June 13, 2013, to Christine Vest. Trey shares his father’s name and is his third son.

Dwight has expressed his close bond with Trey on occasion.

Layla is another of Dwight Howard kids born in October 2010 to Alicia Okaro. Layla is Dwight’s only daughter.

Her birthdate is approximate, and details about their relationship are scarce despite investigation.

Drew is the last kid born in June 2017 to Te’onna Brown. Drew is Dwight’s youngest child.

Dwight Howard kids are so special to him, and despite the whole drama, he makes sure all of them are close to him when needed.

Howard Family Secret

Howard Family Secret

His family secret, mostly with those concerning his baby mama, made it to the internet.

He is one man with a lot of drama, which unfolded in many ways, leading to the court being involved.

Howard was granted a win against his first baby mama over a defamation case that was all over the media.

Royce Reed was said to have defiled an order that prohibited her from making any statements using the NBA player’s name.

She violated the order demanding a court case be thrown in, and the NBA star won without stress.

There were also claims of half a billion lawsuits in damages, which were said to be slammed at Royce.

The court order concerning Howard’s baby mama using his name stipulates a sum of $500 each time she uses the name publicly.

More drama unfolded as Royce Reed accused Howard of abusing their son under his career in 2014.

The NBA star did admit he had to discipline Braylon the same way his parents did, which was hitting him with a belt.

He explained the whole situation as how he was raised with no idea that it was wrong to do such a thing.

Meanwhile, the abuse case did not amount to anything, as it was settled with no punishment of sorts.

Royce Reed and Howard had another clash again over custody, which took another turn once again.

In 2020, one of Dwight Howard kids baby mama, Melissa Rios, died through an extreme epileptic seizure that happened in March.

Dwight Howard Facts!

Dwight Howard Facts

There are numerous facts concerning the NBA star, who has seen a lot in his life, both in career and personal dealings.

Does Dwight Howard have a ring?

Yes, Dwight Howard does have one championship ring from his time in the NBA.

He won it with the Lakers in 2020 during their shortened season playing in the “bubble” at Walt Disney World.

He served as a valuable veteran presence and defensive anchor alongside stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

How many 3s has Dwight Howard made?

In fact, throughout his entire NBA career, Howard has only made a total of 22 three-pointers.

It’s worth noting that he never attempted many threes. Over his career, he averaged barely 0.2 three-point attempts per game.

However, in rare instances, he has surprised everyone with a successful shot from downtown.

Was Dwight Howard an MVP?

No, Dwight Howard has never won the NBA MVP award. However, he was a dominant force in the league during his prime.

Does Royce have a son?

Yes, Royce Reed does have a son named Braylon Howard, born in 2007 to her and former NBA player Dwight Howard.

How old is Dwight Howard oldest son?

Braylon is currently 16 years old, born on November 18, 2007. He makes part of Dwight Howard kids.

How many illegitimate children does Dwight Howard have?

The NBA star fathers five children with different partners who all have something for years. Dwight Howard kids are legitimate and they all use his last name.

Dwight Howard kids are possibly going to increase if or when the NBA player decides to settle down with a woman.

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