Who Is Leah Hextall?

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Leah Hextall

Leah Hextall is well-known in Canada as a sports writer and announcer for ice hockey games.

Notably, in March 2020, she made history as part of Sportsnet’s trailblazing all-female broadcast crew.

Because to her, sports broadcasting is now a more diverse and inclusive industry, with more women in leadership roles.

Leah Hextall Biography

Leah Hextall

She was born June 11, 1980 in Canada. Leah has worked on many networks, including ESPN and NESN, and has substantially contributed to sports broadcasting.

Leah was raised in a hockey-loving household by her parents, Randy and Elizabeth Hextall.

Her great-grandfather, Bryan Hextall Sr., was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and her cousin, Ron, was an NHL goalie with a tremendous career.

Having Leah as a child in such a sports-crazed household gave her a lifelong passion for the game.

She credits her hockey-loving family for inspiring her to follow in their footsteps as a prominent sports writer and broadcaster.

Leah came from a long line of hockey greats, and she has carried on the family name by becoming a central figure in the world of sports media.

Leah has inspired many sports journalists throughout her career because of her boundless enthusiasm for the sport and innovative work.

She has become an iconic character in Canadian sports media thanks to her many accomplishments and contributions.

Her unwavering commitment, exceptional skill, and revolutionary accomplishments have garnered domestic and beyond acclaim.

Leah, a sports writer and ice hockey play-by-play commentator from Canada, has been an outspoken advocate for more diversity and inclusion in the sports broadcasting industry.

Her contributions have changed the face of journalism for the better and served as an example to countless would-be journalists.

Leah Career

Leah Career

Leah Hextall began her career in journalism and production in Winnipeg, Canada, for CBC News.

She has similarities with Tiffany Greene in her role as a sports pundit.

In 2011, Hextall became a member of TSN (The Sports Network) and began covering a variety of sports, including football, hockey, and basketball.

She hosted the IIHF World Junior Championships and the Canadian Football League Playoffs on TSN.

Two years later, in 2012, Leah hosted and reported for NESN before taking a contract job with ESPN.

After three years as Director of events and multimedia, Leah decided to step away from broadcasting in 2017.

She went back to journalism later on and worked as a contract reporter for ESPN. Additionally, she worked for Sportsnet as a freelancer for seven years.

Leah and her sister, Lindsey Hextall, have worked together at HyLife. In 2020, Leah worked as a public relations consultant for a short while, and her sister is the Director of human resources there.

After being found, Hextall started working for ESPN as a play-by-play commentator for the National Hockey League. In addition, she was offered a full-time position for the year 2021.

Leah Hextall Husband

Leah Hextall Husband

She does not have a husband today regarding her private relations; she has never been seen in public with a partner, stating she is enjoying her life being single.

As far as anybody can tell from looking at internet sources, Leah Hextall is still single and has no marital status.

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She has not been married or in a committed relationship with anybody. She maintains a healthy life of loving herself.

She has prioritized her work over anything else to make more for herself before considering a relationship.

Leah Hextall Net Worth

Leah Hextall Net Worth 

Her net worth is $5 million from her reporter job and other ventures today.

Leah Hextall’s net worth is somewhere between $5 million and $6 million, while her income is reported to be approximately $60,679.

Her job as a social media influencer, online content producer, entrepreneur, and professional hockey play-by-play commentator has brought her a substantial income, which she has covered in full.

Her intelligent analysis and captivating on-screen appearance have made her a beloved figure among sports fans and viewers, firmly establishing her place in the profession.

Leah’s wealth directly results from her dedication to her audience and her love of sports.

As Leah Hextall maintains her position as a pioneer in sports media, her net worth is anticipated to increase.

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