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Who Is Jay Uso Wife?

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Jay Uso Wife

Jay Uso is a professional athlete with a career with the WWE and pursued acting in Hollywood.

His wife has been a significant player in his success and life value away from the scene.

Jay Uso’s wife keeps a low profile for many unknown reasons but is very popular amongst wrestling fans.

Jay Uso Biography

Jay Uso

He was born August 22, 1985, in California, United States. Jay Uso, also called Joshua Samuel Fatu, is 38 years old in 2023.

His growing up was filled with great names coming through his family bloodline.

His father’s name is Rikishi. Before retiring, he had a life and career in the WWE, among the most significant names.

His mother’s name is Talisua Fuavai. She is a businesswoman and celebrity in the United States.

Uso’s family is of Samoan descent. He was born a twin with his brother Jonathan, known as Jimmy Uso, whom they both wrestle in the WWE.

His family is vast; many are into wrestling, while others have made names and are enjoying retirement.

He has another brother, Solo Sikoa, who also wrestles for the WWE. Roman Reigns is another related family member to Jay Uso.

His father, Rikishi, and Uncle Yokozuna are legendary names who had a good run during their active days.

One of his uncles, Umaga, is another wrestler who has a scary gimmick that many fear to this day in the WWE.

Jay comes from the family of Anoaʻi, whom they are spread across with many of their relation in the WWE.

His growing up was only complete with an education, with his parents ensuring he had something as a backup to his career.

He graduated from Escambia High School in Florida as a student-athlete.

He played a linebacker position in his days going to school up to his University days before changing careers.

He bagged his degree from the University of West Alabama in 2005 before moving on to his wrestling career.

Who Is Jay Uso’s Wife?

Jay Uso Wife

Takecia Travis is Jay Uso’s wife, and they have both enjoyed life with their family.

They have been building their relationship since High school as friends.

Their love took off in high school when they were both young and facing their studies.

It was extended for them to make sure they stick together after leaving high school to pursue higher education.

They had a thing of promise which they kept and it took them a lot of time to decide.

After graduating from the University, they dated for years before making things official.

Jay and Takecia Travis did the official thing of getting married in 2015 after so many years in a relationship.

Despite the long period they had to date each other, they did not lose love for themselves.

Their long years of building their relationship helped them learn much that works for them today.

Their wedding was done traditionally with mostly family members all over the place.

It was a fantastic event with the Anoaʻi family gathering and other members close to them.

Things have been perfect for Jay Uso and Takecia Travis, who already have a family to care for independently.

The duo have made two offspring who are also doing well in growing up with all the love and care.

They have two boys who are still very young and need their parents to take them around.

Their names are Jeyce and Jaciyah, who are still children. The eldest born is Jaciyah Fatu, who is already a teenager.

Jeyce Fatu is the last born on May 13, 2012, making him 11 years old in 2023.

Both the couple’s offspring are already coming of age to start thinking of following the family line of wrestlers.

Although Jay and his wife have not disclosed anything concerning their children, they are kept from the media.

Their children are very close with Roman Reigns and other family members.

Takecia Travis Biography

Takecia Travis

Takecia was born in the United States, with her birth date unknown to the media.

Takecia Travis is aged in the same region as Jay Uso. They are both married with a family.

She is from Pensacola, which is in Florida, United States. She grew up in a traditional family like her husband.

There is much-omitted information concerning Jay Uso’s wife’s personal life growing up.

Her parents are Mr and Mrs Travis. Their whereabouts remain private to the public despite their involvement with their daughter.

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Aside from her personal life growing up, she also plays several roles being a responsible woman.

She had jobs after graduating from school with a degree being put to good use.

There remains no valid confirmation of what job Takecia Travis did before becoming a mother.

Many presumed she worked in an office or other cooperative jobs before giving birth to her children.

For now, she is more of a businesswoman and homemaker who is more around at home anytime she isn’t in her establishment.

Her role as Jay Uso’s wife makes her famous to the World despite her low-key personal life.

Jay Uso’s Net Worth

Jay Uso Net Worth

His net worth is $30 Million from wrestling and several professional ventures.

Jay is one of the reputable names and duo teams in WWE with his brother Jimmy.

He has been crowned Champion with his tag-team partner and brother on multiple occasions.

Their reign in the tag team division has earned them so much, and an individual with Jay Uso doing the most.

Jay earns massively from other ventures, some of which are from the endorsements he got individually and with his brother.

Jay Uso’s wife also makes something for herself from her business career and other ventures.

Takecia Travis is actively working and has a net worth of around $1 Million from her private ventures.

Jay wife is different from the public kind, which has made them cautious of their lifestyle regarding their wealth.

Jay Uso and Takecia Travis live in Georgia, United States, today with their children doing well.

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