Sophie Kumpen Bio: Max Verstappen’s Mother

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Sophie Kumpen

Sophie Kumpen is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, former motor racer, and Max Verstappen’s Mother.

She is a woman who understands more of what her son ventures into in the World of F1 racing.

Her experience is passed on to her son, who today is one of the successful names in Formula 1.

Sophie Kumpen Biography

Sophie Kumpen

She was born October 30, 1975, in Hasselt, Belgium. Sophie Kumpen enjoyed her life as a 48-year-old woman in 2023.

She has a day yearly to mark her birthday, which is October 30, making her 48 years old.

She had spent her life growing up with her influential parents in Hasselt, Belgium, where their heritage originated.

Her father’s name is Robert Kumpen. He is a businessman and was once the Genk football club chairman in Belgium.

Her mother’s name is Mrs Kumpen. There isn’t enough to make her identity clear today, leaving her private.

His family had racers all through, with her brother being one of those names who passed it on to his children.

Her brother’s name is Paul Kumpen. Before retirement, he once had a career in racing, both in cars and kart.

Sophie’s education took place in Belgium all through her life, and she had the best when it came to schools.

She was doing school and learning racing simultaneously after starting 11 years ago.

For now, she no longer races after sustaining a career-ending injury that happened years ago.

Sophie Kumpen, for now, is just a civil worker who earns regular pay from her job today.

Max Verstappen Mother

Max Verstappen Mother

Sophie Kumpen is the fantastic mother of F1 racer Max Verstappen, with whom they share much in common.

Max’s family was once united, with everyone sharing a roof, until a divorce separated them all.

Sophie Kumpen and Jos Verstappen had a solid life together from the day they started getting along.

They met at a point in their lives when things were taking shape in their career.

Their love for the same interest helped them get closer and cemented their love, which kept them going for a while.

They both had a typical career, racing in cars and karts during their active days.

They soon decided to take a step further, which saw Sophie deciding to end her career.

She was more focused on becoming a mother and wife to Jos Verstappen, who was still active in his career.

Sophie’s retirement came in 1996, which was due to her marriage.

She and Jos Verstappen were married in 1996, the same year she decided to stop racing.

Her children, Victoria Jane and Max Verstappen, have great careers today.

Max enjoys his success in F1; today, he races with the biggest names and has also achieved massive feats.

Sophie and Jos’ marriage ended in 2008 when they both finalized a divorce.

Max Verstappen’s mother has ensured her son gets to the highest of his career.

Kumpen Career

Kumpen Career

Sophie Kumpen had a career in racing before ending it and focused more on other professions.

Her family, huge motorsports lovers, introduced her to racing as a young female child.

She was already racing with her brother Paul at age 11. She had tremendous success as a kart racer.

She is a huge name who has won several tournaments, including her biggest in 1995.

Sophie Kumpen won the Andrea Margutti Championship Trophy during her active days in 1995.

Her career debut happened in 1991 when she had her first professional racing professionally.

She delivered immediately by announcing her name in many competitions.

Kumpen raced in various categories where she had some notable records to show before moving on.

Eventually, she returned in 2013 to racing after years of divorce.

She had a short spell racing during the Formido Swift Cup, which she did well until the final race.

Kumpen had made it to the final race, where she competed at the Zandvoort circuit in her Suzuki, which, unfortunately, was her last ride.

She crashed her car while getting herself a severe injury to her vertebra, which was broken.

Sophie Kumpen was advised to stop racing permanently in 2013, the day she decided to move on.

She enjoys a career today working at the OCMW in Belgium, where she holds a role as a social worker.

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Her son, Max Verstappen, is arguably the best F1 driver today, earning himself a top position.

His biggest competitor, Hamilton, is amongst those who have shared the spotlight for a while.

Max is doing his best to remain active, barely aged that much amongst others who are still active.

He also deals with several young racers taking over F1 today, leaving older names to retire.

Max Verstappen has done much to earn success more than his parents, who do not come close to his achievement as a racer.

Sophie Kumpen’s Net Worth

Sophie Kumpen Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 Million, mostly from her career after retirement from racing.

Sophie Kumpen had the best in her career until she ended everything for motherhood.

She only made a little based on how much women who race got paid during her active days in the 90s.

Her comeback was short in 2013, which could have been the difference in making sure she earned more.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen is a wealthy race worth $50 Million and earns a lot, like many big names in F1, based on his achievements and what he brings to the table for his team.

His earnings also come from endorsement coupled with other investments he has today.

He keeps a low profile during his free time, taking trips and vacations with his family.

Max Verstappen’s mother, Sophie Kumpen, is enjoying her life in Belgium, where she still works and earns a living today.

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