Wild Scene As PSG And Newcastle Fans Get Into Bizarre Fights

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PSG and Newcastle United fans were seen involved in a bizarre fight ahead of their Champions League match, MySportDab reports.

Both teams are expected to face each other in a match which is tagged a must win for both of them to make sure they secure qualification.

The fans of PSG and Newcastle United decided to take it to the street in a fight which saw a number of people getting involved and attacked.

There are different stories concerning the situation which happened at a pub between both side fans who had a go at each other.

Reports claimed Paris Saint Germain fans were the ones who lunched an attack on Newcastle United faithfuls who were in a bar.

The PSG fans were seen on camera planning an attack that saw them lay a siege at a bar filled with Newcastle United fans minding their businesses.

The whole even happened in France which saw violence erupt as both fans got engaged in a brutal fight that spread across the location.

The heated encounter is yet to kickoff but the fans are already reacting in what could be a match that could see the football authorities put more attention.

This event won’t be the first time as many fans have got themselves involved in fight leaving many injured and life lost in some occasions.

Paris Saint Germain and Newcastle United first leg in England was a one way traffic which the Premier League side claimed a massive win.

It is left for PSG to make the same happen when they play later today with the group still open and any loss for them could be damaging.

There have been many videos online already of what happened between PSG and Newcastle United fans who got engaged in fight that was started by the home side.

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