Vanity Alpough Bio: Kendrick Perkins’ Wife

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Vanity Alpough

Vanity Alpough is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, philanthropist, and Kendrick Perkins’s wife.

She is a busy woman with considerable specialties taking off on in her private life and profession.

She is made famous by her involvement with her partner, who has been an item for years.

Vanity Alpough Biography

Vanity Alpough

She was born July 7, 1985, in Texas, United States. Vanity Alpough is 38 years older, marking one year older in 2023.

She always enjoys another year of goodness every July, and this year, 2023, was a special birthday.

Vanity Alpough grew up with her parents in Beaumont, Texas, United States, where they had a humble lifestyle.

She inherited the black ethnicity and heritage from her parents, who are the same but grew up in the United States.

Her father’s name is Thomas Alpough. He worked as a normal civilian in the United States during his active days.

Her mother’s name is Julie Alpough. She worked as a homemaker and also took on some business ventures.

Vanity Alpough grew up in a large family where they all shared so much with their parents, making provision for everything.

She also enjoyed a successful education like every sibling in her family, who mostly attended the same schools.

She was a student at a High School named Ozen in her hometown in Texas when she was a much younger girl.

She wrapped up her higher schooling at a University in Houston, coming out with a grade in communications.

She made good coming out with a perfect degree, which she uses to navigate the World today as a professional.

Vanity Alpough participated in many activities while in school, mostly as an advocate for black students.

Kendrick Perkins Wife

Kendrick Perkins Wife

Vanity Alpough is Kendrick Perkins’s wife, and they have journeyed together since high school.

The couple met in their early days when they were still attending High School, which was a wonderful time.

They made good of the early days when they were nonetheless figuring out their emotions for themselves.

Vanity Alpough and Kendrick Perkins started when they were friends in the same school and staying in the same environment.

They were still teenagers when they took it upon themselves to make things serious and started dating.

They overcame to remain with themselves, leaving school and focusing on the real World.

Vanity and Perkins swapped matrimonial vows in the presence of family and friends in July 2019.

Their marriage was private and small, with only a few coming to their hometown in Houston, Texas.

The duo already have four children in their successful union, and they have built an amazing family together.

Their birth kids consist of two boys and daughters who are still young in their youthful age.

They are Kenton, Kameron, Kenleigh, and Kapri, making them all four children.

Vanity Alpough is a mother and wife with a professional career going on till this moment in her life.

Vanity Career

Vanity Career

She has enjoyed so much when it comes to her professional career, just like her husband.

Vanity Alpough has made a career in business, where she worked for many organizations.

She does well at all her given jobs, with some also being her ventures going fine.

She isn’t as famous in her career as her partner is known for his glory and roles in Basketball.

Kendrick Perkins enjoyed a lot when he was fully actively playing, but today he is retired.

He enjoyed a long spell with his playing career, which lasted for 14 years, before calling it an end.

The Celtics recruited him with the 27th pick during the 2003 NBA draft. Perkins’s physicality played a huge role and made a difference in his career.

He was a key member of the Celtics’ 2008 NBA championship team. Kendrick Perkins began his college basketball career at South Carolina.

He was a two-time All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) selection, and after his sophomore season, Perkins declared for the NBA draft.

Perkins made an instantaneous influence on the Celtics and was a starter in all 82 games during his rookie season, averaging 6.0 points and 5.2 rebounds per game.

He helped the Celtics reach the NBA Finals in 2010 and 2012 and was also a member of the US basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2010 FIBA.

In 2013, Perkins was traded to the Oklahoma Thunder, where he stayed for three seasons and helped them reach the NBA Finals in 2014.

Perkins signed with the Pelicans in 2016, and he stayed two seasons with them before signing with the Cavaliers in 2018.

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Perkins played one season with the Cavaliers before retiring from the NBA in 2019.

Following the end of his active playing career, Perkins ventured into sports analysis on television.

He has worked with several television brands, including ESPN, as an analyst.

Kendrick Perkins is a big name and enjoyed all their success playing before his retirement, which he hopes to make a return as a coach.

Vanity Alpough Net Worth

Vanity Alpough Net Worth

Her net worth is $ 500k, coming from her ventures in business and another part of her career.

Vanity is a hard-working woman who continues to do everything to make herself busy.

She is married to a wealthy and famous man, but she still insists on working to make a living for herself.

Her partner Kendrick Perkins has been actively pushing and making enough despite retiring from playing in the NBA.

His net worth is around $20 Million, and most were from playing actively in the NBA before retirement.

He owns a couple of properties, including business ventures, which is a plan B for his career, which already ended.

He still makes money but from his recent job with a television network where he analyzed Basketball.

Vanity Alpough and Kendrick Perkins are both still working to make sure their family is doing well.

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