Jillian Stacey Bio: Keegan Bradley Wife

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Jillian Stacey

Jillian Stacey is a businesswoman, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, media personality, and Keegan Bradley’s wife.

She enjoys certain privileges which is also thanks to her massive role in her partners triumphs.

Her personality has made a severe impact in ensuring our family is where they are today.

Jillian Stacey Biography

Jillian Stacey

She was born October 29, 1987, in the United States. Jillian Stacey have a good life for a woman who is 36 years older in 2023.

She had a life as a child growing up with her family, who had their entire life in Vermont, United States.

Her father’s name is unknown. There seems to be no proper information on his name or occupation.

Her mother’s name is June Stacey. She seems to have made life for her daughter as a single mother with no detail concerning her husband.

Jillian Stacey had a much older sister. They lived together growing up with their mother, who cared for everything.

Her sister’s name is Meggan Stacey Hester. She played a huge role in Jillian life as an elder sister who had to do more with no father.

Jillian also had the opportunity to make a good educational life, which her mother ensured happened all through.

She also did her part by being a brilliant young girl who paid attention and ensured all her grades were good.

She attended Hartford High School, where she attained another level of education, which prepared her for the University.

She did enjoy a lot in High School, where her mother was the sole provider and also the only parent in the picture making things happen.

Jillian Stacey finished her degree from Connecticut State University, but we don’t know which course she studied.

Keegan Bradley Wife

Keegan Bradley Wife

Jillian Stacey is a wonderful woman known as Keegan Bradley’s wife for many years.

Their life together is a wonderful journey they have committed to making happen.

Like many others, they built their lives around themselves in their early days of dating.

It was not a day job for them as they had a career and put their relationship in the mix.

Things worked out, and they hit off immediately after their first romantic encounter.

We don’t have a confirmed timeline on how Jillian Stacey and Keegan Bradley sealed things between themselves.

Their commitment to each other was kept private for an extended period as they avoided the media.

They were going well and intended to ensure everything with their relationship flew low-key until they were very sure.

They were spotted together at a time before making things official to the media.

Their plan quickly became a reality after a proposal came in, and the duo decided to get engaged to themselves.

Jillian Stacey and Keegan Bradley made it official after being legally married in December 2016.

Their day of tying the knot was beautiful with their family blessings. The duo made sure everyone invited was put in a state of happiness with their love.

It wasn’t long before they welcomed a child who remains the only one they have today.

His name is Logan James, and there seems to be no confirmed date for his birthday.

Jillian and Keegan enjoy life as parents who have seen a lot of changes in their lives to accommodate their children, which are expected to increase.

The Bradley family might be working on having more children at the appropriate time, hoping to happen sooner.

Jillian Career

Jillian Career

For now, Jillian Stacey is more of a businesswoman and a homemaker to her family.

With the limited information available, there are no specifics regarding categorizing her career for today.

She mostly does more of what a wife is expected to do with caring for the home and children.

Jillian also ensures she has something to keep busy and fetching income to keep herself independent.

Her career life isn’t defined as her just working towards anything that comes her way and ventures into charity with her husband.

Keegan Bradley is the one who is making the most of his career and providing for his family with golf.

His professional life in golf has taken him beyond the upper clash, which he has been on PGA’s since 2011.

His achievements have also come along the way with so many major tournaments, which was all his to take in the PGA.

He grew up playing golf at Hopkinton Country Club, where he could train himself for years before going big.

His growth started at Florida University, where he earned numerous feats, including his name as an All-American.

In 2011, Bradley won the NCAA individual golf championship.

His big break into professional golfing came in 2011 with the U.S. Open, where he was able to showcase himself as a rookie.

He finished tied for 14th in the tournament and earned his first PGA Tour start.

Bradley’s rookie season on the PGA Tour was a successful one. His appearance at the FedEx Cup saw him trying to finish in 23.

He later earned himself an Award as a Rookie player in the early days of his professional break.

His initial PGA title came in New Orleans in 2012, which saw his career taking a new step up.

He was quick to make himself massive by winning two championships in his rookie days, of which he was also the first.

Bradley continued to play well in 2013 and 2014 but did not win any tournaments. He did, however, make the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 2014.

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In 2015, Bradley had a career year where he went on a winning spree, claiming two PGA titles.

Bradley’s career has been slowed by injuries in recent years, but he has still been able to compete at a high level.

His consistency has kept him at the top amongst other big names who still have an active careers.

Keegan Bradley’s career is still active but nearing retirement, which could come soon.

Jillian Stacey’s Net Worth

Jillian Stacey Net Worth

Her net worth for today is $ 1 Million from her work and also in addition to Bradley’s earnings.

Jillian Stacey has no specific career to pinpoint where all her earnings come from today.

She isn’t a dependent wife who leaves everything to her husband’s hands to provide for the family.

Her partner Keegan Bradley is able enough with a net worth of around $100 Million from golf.

He has won four PGA title, which is mostly expensive and comes with massive payment.

His career has been on tour since 2011 when he made a break professionally with the big names.

Jillian Stacey and Keegan Bradley are comfortable with their lives, and they only have one child to his needs today.

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