Dana Dokmanovich Bio: Franco Harris Wife

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Dana Dokmanovich

Dana Dokmanovich is a philanthropist, businesswoman, media celebrity, and Franco Harris’s wife.

She had important values in her husband’s life, who had so much going on before his passing away.

She has continued to carry on the torch left by her husband, who impacted so many in the world of sport.

Dana Dokmanovich Biography

Dana Dokmanovich

She was born in 1950. Dana Dokmanovich’s birthplace information remains missing alongside other details.

She grew up as a war veteran daughter who took part in WW2, which happened many years ago.

Her father’s name is Peter Dokmanovich. He was a veteran who had his time operating as a military man.

Her mother’s name is Bess Dokmanovich. She mostly served her time alive as a homemaker to her family.

Dana had a wonderful life in her youth before becoming a woman of her own making.

She comes from a family of military personnel and war veterans who fought for their nation.

Dana has a brother who is named Gary Dokmanovich. There is nothing available today concerning his existence in life.

Dana’s parents are no longer alive today, with them passing away some years ago after growing so old.

There seems to be nothing concerning Dana Dokmanovich’s education as of this point.

It is understood that Dana did have a solid educational life despite her parents always moving around.

She had every level of education, including making it at the University before graduating.

Dana Dokmanovich is an elderly woman today who is still actively pushing and making an impact on many people.

Franco Harris Wife

Franco Harris Wife

Dana Dokmanovich is Franco Harris’s wife, who left after passing away in 2022 in his old age.

The relationship between them was a unique one, which helped them hold things down till marriage.

There remains no valid information concerning the background of their marriage, which started decades ago.

Things might have kicked off from their youthful days or when they were already mature enough.

Dana Dokmanovich and Franco Harris had something solid from when they started seeing themselves.

The duo’s life together is something so many admire, how they are separated by death, which is the final road.

They dated and learned so much about themselves before taking on a step to ensure they took things legal.

Eventually, they married each other and started a family, which today has produced so much.

Dana and Franco Harris had a child named Franco Jr. He is already a mature man with a successful life today.

Their home with their child was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they had many memories.

The couple offspring seems to be the only child of the family whose information is the one made public. He is a businessman who is venturing into many activities today.

Dana Career

Dana Career

Dana Dokmanovich’s career is in business, and she also ran ventures alongside her late husband.

She had a different life at an early age, which saw her doing many things professionally.

She pursued a life as a model who appeared in magazines and other public outlet.

She wasn’t too popular in her field of work until she met her partner, a global name in sports.

Dana Dokmanovich is still making the most of her life today as an elderly woman who does not work too much.

Franco Harris had everything during his lifetime thanks to a career he made for himself.

His days as a player had so much success during college and at the professional level.

Harris’s collegiate journey began at Penn State University, where he quickly made his impact as a solid running back in the nation.

Under the guidance of legendary coach Joe Paterno, Harris shattered school records and earned numerous accolades, including the coveted Walter Camp and Maxwell Awards in 1971.

His exceptional performances propelled Penn State to a national championship that same year.

In the 1972 NFL Draft, the Steelers selected Franco Harris, who sealed his professional move.

Harris’s impact was immediate, as he became the first rookie to lead the NFL in rushing with 1,246 yards and 13 touchdowns.

The defining moment of Harris’s rookie season came in the AFC Divisional Playoff against the Raiders, a game etched in football history as the “Immaculate Reception.”

With seconds remaining on the clock and the Steelers facing defeat, Terry Bradshaw heaved a desperation pass toward the end zone.

Amidst a sea of players, Harris emerged, cradling the ball and securing a game-winning touchdown.

Harris’s impact on the Steelers extended beyond that unforgettable play and the many successes they achieved together.

He became a cornerstone of the franchise, earning nine Pro Bowl selections and four Super Bowl rings.

His consistent excellence and leadership were pivotal in the Steelers’ dynasty, establishing them as one of the most dominant teams in NFL history.

His career ended after playing for 13 seasons in which he won several personal and team titles.

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His “Immaculate Reception” remains one of the most iconic moments in NFL history, forever etched in the annals of the sport.

Beyond his on-field accomplishments, Harris is widely respected for his character and contributions to the community.

Franco Harris continued making so many additions to the NFL before his passing away in 2022.

Dana Dokmanovich Net Worth

Dana Dokmanovich Net Worth

Her net worth is $10 million, part of her late husband’s wealth from his career.

Dana Dokmanovich isn’t working as much today due to her age.

As an elderly woman, she does not have much use for the wealth she generated with her husband.

She lives a peaceful life, enjoying her luxury and sometimes keeping herself busy when needed.

Her later husband, Franco Harris, enjoyed a full life before passing away with a net worth of $30 Million.

His career contributed most to his net worth. His death recently happened, and his entire properties were handed to his family.

Dana Dokmanovich and Franco Harris’s home and some properties remain within the family.

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